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Petey Cordero (Character)
from "Prison Break" (2005)

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"Prison Break: Scan (#2.3)" (2006)
Fernando Sucre: Where's Maricruz?
Petey Cordero: Hey, look, man ...
Fernando Sucre: No, no, no, Petey, you look! I haven't slept in 72 hours, I've seen a man's hand get chopped off, I've been... I've been shot at, dug up a grave, stolen a car, jumped on a frickin' train! So please, just tell me where she is!

Petey Cordero: [over the phone] Hello?
Fernando Sucre: Petey? It's Sucre.
Petey Cordero: As in Fernando Sucre?
Fernando Sucre: Is there another one?
Petey Cordero: I hope not. But my boy Sucre would not be calling me on the telephone and therefore making me an accessory to his dumb-ass escape.
Fernando Sucre: I'm sorry, bro. I jus- I just- I need you to get a hold of Maricruz. I can't call her cell because the Feds will be all over the place.

Petey Cordero: Listen, listen, man. You have got to forget about that girl.
Fernando Sucre: If I could forget about her pendejo, I'd still be at Fox River sitting in cell 40 on your old bunk!
Petey Cordero: Yeah, well, I hope you're holding onto something tight because I'm about to break it down for you, brother. You're too late. She's getting married to Hector on Saturday.

"Prison Break: Dead Fall (#2.8)" (2006)
[on the phone]
Fernando Sucre: Hey, Petey, uh, it's me. Listen, I've got something to tell you.
Petey Cordero: Yeah, well I was wondering when you were gonna call.
Fernando Sucre: Yeah, a lot has come down since we last talked, and uh...
Petey Cordero: Yeah, I know, I heard. You ruined it!
Fernando Sucre: Yeah... Uh... You heard already?
Petey Cordero: Well brother, everybody's heard, man, and let me tell you something man, Hector is pissed!
Fernando Sucre: What does Hector have to do with it?
Petey Cordero: It WAS his wedding. Wait, man. What are you talking about?
Fernando Sucre: Your bike! What are YOU talking about?
Petey Cordero: The wedding!
Fernando Sucre: What about the wedding?
Petey Cordero: Well, you know the part where you say "I do"? Maricruz said "I don't".
Fernando Sucre: She did?
Petey Cordero: Left homeboy standing at the altar holding his spam in his hands, if you know what I'm saying. Hey, what were you telling me about my bike?
[Sucre hangs up]