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FBI Agent Wheeler (Character)
from "Prison Break" (2005)

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"Prison Break: Panama (#2.20)" (2007)
FBI Special Agent Alexander Mahone: In old England, the punishment for a traitorous act was beheading. Following the execution they would hold the head up by the hair not, as most people think, for the crowd to see the head, but for the head to see the crowd because consciousness sticks around for another eight seconds. The idea was that it would give the traitor one more chance to take a look at...
FBI Agent Wheeler: You don't want to do this, okay? Just take a moment...
FBI Special Agent Alexander Mahone: If you're going to stab me in the back, Agent Wheeler, be smart enough to cover up the knife!

FBI Agent Wheeler: [to Mahone] You can erase me too, but it's not going to erase the very real fact that you're going to spend the rest of your life in prison.

FBI Agent Wheeler: Let me take you in. Whatever mess you're in, we can clean it up.
FBI Special Agent Alexander Mahone: There's only one way out of this.

FBI Special Agent Alexander Mahone: You remind me of myself when I was a young agent.
FBI Agent Wheeler: What? I wish I could take that as a compliment!

"Prison Break: Manhunt (#2.1)" (2006)
FBI Special Agent Alexander Mahone: The escapees. Who are they?
FBI Agent Wheeler: Michael Scofield, Structural Engineer, 5 years for armed robbery. Benjamin Miles Franklin, Former U.S Army, 8 years for possession of stolen goods. John Abruzzi, Don of the crime family of the same name, Life without parole for conspiracy to commit murder. Charles "Haywire" Patoshik, 60 years for second degree murder. Fernando Sucre, 5 years for aggravated robbery. David "Tweener" Apolskis, 5 years for Grand Larceny. Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell, Life for 6 counts of Kidnapping, Rape and first degree Murder. Lincoln Burrows, Scheduled to die next week for the murder of President Reynolds' brother.

FBI Agent Wheeler: It's not like they left us a map where they're going.
FBI Special Agent Alexander Mahone: Actually, that's exactly what they did.

"Prison Break: Subdivision (#2.6)" (2006)
Special Agent Alexander Mahone: D.B. Cooper was driving a 1965 Chevy Nova.
Wheeler: There's no record on file that Cooper even had a car.
Special Agent Alexander Mahone: But Charles Westmoreland did, and the car registered to him at the time was a 1965 Chevy Nova with a 16 gallon gas tank. Back then, a Chevy that size got approximately 8 miles to the gallon. Now, D.B. stopped at the station in American Fork, gassed up once early that day and came back later that same night and gassed up again. Now, why would a guy headed to Mexico, which is a straight shot south, drive off the main road for an all-day detour?
Wheeler: The money.
Special Agent Alexander Mahone: Exactly. Cooper, Westmoreland, jumped out of a plane with 5 million dollars, but Westmoreland didn't have the money on him when he was arrested. He ditched it before he got caught.
Special Agent Alexander Mahone: [to a nearby agent] Give me that magic marker.
Special Agent Alexander Mahone: [continues to Wheeler] From American Fork, he couldn't have gone further than 64 miles in any direction. I want everything you've got in that perimiter. Those cons are in one of these towns and if there's so much as a cat missing in one of them, I want to know about it.

Wheeler: What makes you think that these escapees know where the money is?
Special Agent Alexander Mahone: Because they may have been locked up with the real D.B. Cooper.

"Prison Break: Map 1213 (#2.5)" (2006)
FBI Agent Wheeler: Do you think he's a genius or a whack job?
FBI Special Agent Alexander Mahone: I think we answered that question when we assigned 100 agents to the case.