Charles Westmoreland
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Charles Westmoreland (Character)
from "Prison Break" (2005)

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"Prison Break: The Old Head (#1.8)" (2005)
Charles Westmoreland: 'Cause you still think I'm D.B. Cooper.
Michael Scofield: I don't think. I know. The way I see it, you're in here doing 60-to-life for a vehicular manslaughter. It would have been 20, but the car you were in was stolen. Felony murder rule cubes up your sentence, and here you are. Hitting that woman was an accident, but the car? No one accidently steals a car. So the question is, why would Charles Westmoreland be in Arizona boosting a car, ten states away from where he lived, and only ten miles away from the Mexican border? And why, two days before that, would someone make a phone call to his wife from a motel in Portland, a stone's throw away from the airport out of which, shortly after, flight 305 was hijacked by one, D.B. Cooper? Seven hours after the hijacking, records show Charles Westmoreland was treated for a busted knee at a free clinic in Brigham City. Only way to get from Portland, Oregon to Brigham City, Utah in seven hours, is in a car breaking every land-speed record known to man, or flying. It's public record D.B. Cooper jumped out of that 727 about an hour after takeoff. Taking a dive at ten thousand feet with 1.5 million in cash and a hastily packed parachute, might make for a pretty rough landing. Rough enough to shatter some bones, maybe even a left knee. D.B. Cooper would've had a car waiting for him when he landed. According to D.M.V. records, in 1971, Charles Westmoreland was the proud owner of a '65 Chevy Nova. As it happened, a '65 Chevy Nova with the registration number scraped off was found abandoned with a blown gasket along the Arizona border, a mile or two away from where you accidently hit that woman, with your stolen car.
Charles Westmoreland: Interesting story.
Michael Scofield: Interesting man.

Michael Scofield: Let's just say it'd be in everyone's best interest if a fire were to start in there.
Charles Westmoreland: Marilyn, did you think he was the arsonist-type?
Michael Scofield: [chuckles] I'm not. I'm the cleanup crew-type.

Charles Westmoreland: We've both been around long enough to know, that when a con starts that snitching business, he's not long for this world. Don't put me in that position, boss.

Charles "The Old Head" Westmoreland: Maybe I did hurt my knee. I did steal that car, and I did accidentally hit that poor lady. But how could I have hijacked a plane in Portland on November 24 when I was in Folsom finishing up a 30-day drunk and disorderly?

"Prison Break: Bluff (#1.18)" (2006)
Charles Westmoreland: Outliving your wife is bad enough. Outliving your daughter? No man should have to endure that.

Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell: We got us a problem. Mojo's moving into Scofield's cell. And That ain't all. He was bitchin' about the toilet so Geary's putting in a work order. They move that toilet...
Charles Westmoreland: They find that hole.
Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell: We are all screwed
Benjamin Miles 'C-Note' Franklin: How much Mojo promise?
Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell: $200
Benjamin Miles 'C-Note' Franklin: Oh Gomer. See you had me scared there for a minute.

"Prison Break: Allen (#1.2)" (2005)
Charles "The Old Head" Westmoreland: [playing checkers and losing] You're anticipating every one of my moves three moves in advance. You're a hell of a strategist, fish.
Michael Scofield: Do you ever think about Boston?
Charles "The Old Head" Westmoreland: Sure.
Michael Scofield: Think you'll ever see it again?
Charles "The Old Head" Westmoreland: I'm a 60 year old man with 60 years left on my ticket. What do you think?
Michael Scofield: I'm thinking about going.
Charles "The Old Head" Westmoreland: Now, there's going and there's "going". Which one do you mean?
Michael Scofield: The one you think I mean.
Charles "The Old Head" Westmoreland: [smiles] Three days inside and he's already thinking about turning rabbit. It'll pass, it always does.

Charles "The Old Head" Westmoreland: Bigger things to worry about at the moment. I've been in here long enough to know it when I see it - the calm before the storm. Whites and blacks will be going at each other real soon here. Everybody chooses sides and a lot of guys bleed.
Michael Scofield: There a reason?
Charles "The Old Head" Westmoreland: Same reason you don't put cats and dogs in the same cage - they don't get along.

"Prison Break: English, Fitz or Percy (#1.5)" (2005)
Charles "The Old Head" Westmoreland: Afternoon, Mr. Scofield.
Michael Scofield: I need to know if there's any way to block a transfer order.
Charles "The Old Head" Westmoreland: [laughing a little] There's about fifty ways.
Michael Scofield: All right, I'll take the quickest.
Charles "The Old Head" Westmoreland: You file a motion for what they call an interlocutory injunction.
Michael Scofield: How long does that take?
Charles "The Old Head" Westmoreland: How fast can you write? Any man can claim just about anything violates his constitutional rights. There's environmental issues, allergies, religious requirements, take your pick.
Michael Scofield: What if they don't buy it?
Charles "The Old Head" Westmoreland: Don't matter. Court's required by law to hear your motion. Until they do, you can't be transferred. Hell, they've been trying to move my tired grey behind for ten years. God bless the American legal system!
Michael Scofield: Why do you want to stay in here so badly?
Charles "The Old Head" Westmoreland: There's someone here I can't bear to leave behind. I guess that means we've got something in common.

"Prison Break: By the Skin and the Teeth (#1.15)" (2006)
Michael Scofield: The only way we're getting into that infirmary is from beneath. We're going to have to find another way.
[Looks at a building that says Fox River Asylum on the front]
Charles Westmoreland: [Sees what Scofield is looking at] The Psych Ward?
Michael Scofield: It's the only building that shares a sub-surface line with the infirmary.
Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell: You telling me, to get to the infirmary we gotta go through the Whack Shack?