Warden Henry Pope
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Warden Henry Pope (Character)
from "Prison Break" (2005)

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"Prison Break: Bad Blood (#2.17)" (2007)
Dr. Sara Tancredi: Henry, please listen!
Warden Henry Pope: Sarah, I'm tempted to say, you should've known better!

Michael Scofield: [pointing a gun at Henry] I just want my brother's life back. I want people to know the truth. I'd give anything for that. I'd lay down my life.
Warden Henry Pope: Well that's easy for you to say standing on that side of the gun.
[Michael puts the gun on the kitchen counter and turns it over pointing towards himself]
Michael Scofield: What if I'm standing on this side?
Michael Scofield: I'm not the man you think I am.
Warden Henry Pope: Well I have a pretty good idea of who you are, Michael.
Michael Scofield: If that's true then you already know I never wanted to be in Fox River. I never wanted to meet you, Henry. I certainly didn't want to ruin your life.
Warden Henry Pope: Yeah, well, you've done a pretty damn good job!
Dr. Sara Tancredi: You're not saying anything to him I haven't said myself, Henry. I've looked into this. What he's saying to you is absolutely true.

Warden Henry Pope: I don't give a rat's ass about you or your brother. I trusted you. I took you under my wing. I treated you like my own son. I believed you! Day after day you lied to me. What kind of a man does that?
Michael Scofield: A desperate one.

Warden Henry Pope: [to Michael] What are you thinking, waltzing in here? You're a wanted criminal! In case you'd forgotten, I'd dedicated my career and my entire life to keeping people like you behind bars!

Warden Henry Pope: I could shoot you right now and not even think twice.
Michael Scofield: But you won't. You've spent too much time around prisons to throw your life away like that.

Warden Henry Pope: [Stops Michael with his hand] No.
Michael Scofield: What's the hold up?
Warden Henry Pope: Your brother's right. I wouldn't cuddle a corpse to show you any leniency in this.
Michael Scofield: [Looks back at Lincoln, despairingly] That doesn't matter. I said I'd hold up my end of the deal.
Warden Henry Pope: You already did.
[Holds up tape]
Warden Henry Pope: I listened to this. You may have something here. There are going to be a lot of people who wished you didn't, but you do.
Michael Scofield: [Accepts tape] Listen Henry...
Warden Henry Pope: I'd go now if I were you. And don't consider this forgiveness. In fact I'm about 10 seconds away from changing my mind.
Michael Scofield: Thank you.

"Prison Break: English, Fitz or Percy (#1.5)" (2005)
Warden Henry Pope: You're being transferred.
Michael Scofield: What?
Warden Henry Pope: We're moving you over to Statesville.
Michael Scofield: You can't do that.
Warden Henry Pope: Yes, I can. I'm the boss here. This is my house.
Michael Scofield: Three weeks.
Warden Henry Pope: What for?
Michael Scofield: Lincoln Burrows. He's being executed in three weeks.
Warden Henry Pope: Well, I'm aware of that. What's that to you?
Michael Scofield: He's my brother. When I knew I was being sent to prison, my attorney petitioned the DOC.
Warden Henry Pope: So you could be near him.
Michael Scofield: That's right. Don't take that away from me. Not until it's over.

Warden Henry Pope: The thing is, Mr. Scofield is not our problem any more. Seems there was an error in his paperwork. He's going to be transferred after all.
Michael Scofield: That's not possible.
Warden Henry Pope: [to C.O] Escort the prisoner back to his cell.
Michael Scofield: Warden, all I need is three weeks.
Warden Henry Pope: [shouting to a C.O] Get off of me!
Michael Scofield: Henry, please! I just need a little time, just give me the time.

Warden Henry Pope: [Cut to Pope's office. Michael huddles over the model of the Taj Mahal] How are those allergies?
Michael Scofield: Excuse me?
Warden Henry Pope: In your motion, you cited chronic, um...
Michael Scofield: Sinusitis.
Warden Henry Pope: Mmm.
Michael Scofield: It's not an allergy, actually. It's an uh, bacterial infection.
Warden Henry Pope: Hmm.
Michael Scofield: The moist air from the river along the east wall helps keeps me, you know
[he sniffs]
Michael Scofield: clear.
Warden Henry Pope: [smiling] I'm impressed. Not even a week in here and you're already working it like an old con.
Michael Scofield: Well, you've got one up on me, Warden. You know why I needed to file those motions, but I have no idea why you needed to transfer me.
Warden Henry Pope: Traffic control, Scofield, that's all. Traffic control. Look, it's coming up on five o'clock. What do you say we call it a day?
Michael Scofield: [sighing] I don't think I can do that, Sir.
Warden Henry Pope: Why not?
Michael Scofield: If I let go of this support right now, the whole thing's coming down. See, the Taj was designed using axial force. A series of internal forces along the longitudinal axis.
Warden Henry Pope: Ah, how much longer?
Michael Scofield: Depends on how long it takes to dry. If you need me to leave, I can show your secretary how to hold it.
Warden Henry Pope: All right, you can stay till it dries. There'll be a guard outside the door. Just check in with Becky when you're done and she'll have somebody escort you back to your cell.
Michael Scofield: All right.
Warden Henry Pope: And uh, Scofield? I want to thank you for showing up today. I would have understood it if you didn't.
Michael Scofield: We had a deal.
Warden Henry Pope: Right. Still, thanks. My wife is going to love it.
Michael Scofield: You're welcome.
[after Pope leaves, Michael releases hold on the support structure. It doesn't collapse at all. Michael moves to the door where he listens to make sure the coast is clear. Pope is gone, but CO Paterson remains behind, flirting with Becky]

"Prison Break: Cute Poison (#1.4)" (2005)
Warden Henry Pope: The prison system's a little too crowded for requests based on personality. It's not exactly Sandals out there.

Warden Henry Pope: [to Bellick] When I retire, I'm recommending you to take my place. Don't make me regret it.

Warden Henry Pope: Putting him in with Haywire is a low blow, deputy.
Captain Brad Bellick: What? The shrinks cleared Haywire for re-entry into gen pop. Besides, he's so doped up on meds he's like a kitten these days.
Warden Henry Pope: A kitten who murdered both his parents.

"Prison Break: Flight (#1.22)" (2006)
Warden Henry Pope: When those men went over that wall, they made a choice. That choice makes them a threat to society once again.

Nurse Katie: ...Sara...
Warden Henry Pope: What about Sara?
Nurse Katie: Sara had a thing for Scofield.

"Prison Break: Pilot (#1.1)" (2005)
Warden Henry Pope: Son, it's better for me to owe you one in here than for you to owe me one, I can promise you that.
Michael Scofield: I'll take my chances.

Warden Henry Pope: Top of your class at Loyola... magna cum laude in fact. I can't help wondering what someone with your credentials is doing in a place like this.
Michael Scofield: Took a wrong turn a few months back, I guess.
Warden Henry Pope: You make it sound like a traffic infraction... like all you did was turn the wrong way up on a one-way street.
Michael Scofield: Everyone turns up one, sooner or later.

"Prison Break: Cell Test (#1.3)" (2005)
Warden Henry Pope: Why didn't you include any names?
Lincoln Burrows: Why would I want anyone to watch me die?
Warden Henry Pope: I've seen it happen a number of ways. Some people want to go it alone, others have grandiose statements that they want to make, but most want some member of their family there before they leave this world.
Lincoln Burrows: I'll go it alone.
Warden Henry Pope: Son. In my opinion, all inmates who have made that choice have deeply regretted it in their final minutes. I'll uh, leave it blank for now. You have less than four weeks now. You should give it some thought.

"Prison Break: Otis (#2.2)" (2006)
Courthouse Attorney: How was Scofield able to have exclusive access to you, pull a shank on you, and bind you to your chair? You, the warden of the penitentiary.
Warden Henry Pope: I trusted him. Obviously, he betrayed that trust.