Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell
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Biography for
Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell (Character)
from "Prison Break" (2005)

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Theodore "T-bag" Bagwell is a charismatic sexual predator and murderer and the scourge of Fox River State Penitentiary. As the leader of the white supremacist group Alliance for Purity he has a significant amount of power inside. He homes in on young inmates and forces them to meet his needs sexually.

He worms his way into Michael's escape plan when he learns of it and wields the constant threat of exposing his plan in order to join the Fox River Eight. Michael feels awful about letting a man like T-Bag back out into the world, but is primarily concerned with freeing his brother.

T-Bag is ruthless and capable of holding a grudge for a very long time. He kills without second thought or remorse and there doesn't seem to be any boundary he won't cross. He is very skilled at manipulating or extorting people to get what he wants and cannot ever be trusted unless it is to serve his own needs.

Background: A native of Conecuh County, Alabama, he is the product of both incest and rape after his father sexually assaulted his Down syndrome-afflicted sister.He was also molested by his father. His father is responsible for T-Bag's eloquent use of language, making him learn whole encyclopedias and dictionaries, believing this would enable his son to lead a better life and maybe even become president one day. He once forced T-bag to recite 10 synonyms for 'destroy' to demonstrate his ability in front of some friends of his father.

He has been in trouble with the law his whole life, beginning with torturing animals as a child and setting a teacher's house on fire. Despite his perverted proclivities, he longs for a normal family life and for a time believed he had found it with Susan Hollander, a single mother of two. When she betrayed him he gave up all hope of redemption and he remains extremely bitter.

He was originally sentenced to life at Donaldson Prison in Alabama for six counts each of kidnapping, rape and murder.

He has bad luck with his extremities and an incredibly high tolerance for pain.