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Lincoln Burrows (Character)
from "Prison Break" (2005)

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"Prison Break: Map 1213 (#2.5)" (2006)
Lincoln Burrows: First thing I'm gonna do with the money - buy new shoes.
Michael Scofield: Second thing - tacos.
Lincoln Burrows: Third thing - ice cold beer.
Michael Scofield: Fourth thing - a little toothpaste.

Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell: You know, in Thailand, they got a black market where you can get any kind of surgery you need, even a hand transplant.
Lincoln Burrows: You're sick, you know that?

Reporter: [Michael and Lincoln's car radio] This morning, authorities issued an update on the escaped convicts known, until now, as the "Fox River Eight". Chicago mob boss John Abruzzi was gunned down outside of a Washington DC motel last night after investigators received a tip from an informant. The other seven escapees are still at large and considered dangerous. A Florida man wanted in...
[Lincoln switches off the radio]
Lincoln Burrows: I didn't think Abruzzi would be the first of us to eat it.
Michael Scofield: I have a feeling we're in for a lot of surprises.

Michael Scofield: How much further?
Lincoln Burrows: 70, 80 miles.
Michael Scofield: Good. We should be hitting Double K Ranch by this afternoon ...
Lincoln Burrows: [cuts Michael off] Or we can keep driving, pick up LJ, then hit Panama.
Michael Scofield: We can't hit Panama! We can't hit anything! We can't do anything without the money. We need to find Charles's stash!
Lincoln Burrows: I know some other guys who are thinkin' the same thing.

Lincoln Burrows: Excuse me, do you know where I might find a Double K Ranch?
Local man: What'd you call it?
Lincoln Burrows: Double K Ranch.
Local man: No...
Lincoln Burrows: You from around here?
Local man: Yep, born and raised. There's no double nothing.
Lincoln Burrows: Great. Thanks.
[to Michael]
Lincoln Burrows: Looks like Westmoreland spent his last breath blowin' smoke up your ass.

David 'Tweener' Apolskis: [when Michael and Lincoln find him] How'd you know?
Michael Scofield: T-Bag.
Lincoln Burrows: Hand over the map!
David 'Tweener' Apolskis: What?
Lincoln Burrows: The map! Hand it over!
David 'Tweener' Apolskis: [laughs] He told you I had it?

Michael Scofield: [after discovering Map 1213 has been ripped from the book] Someone got here before us. That's the only explanation.
Lincoln Burrows: [seeing T-Bag] Son of a bitch is still alive!
[running down to catch him]
Michael Scofield: [to T-Bag] Hey, Pretty!
Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell: What the...?
Lincoln Burrows: What'cha gonna do, scream?
[slams him into the car]
Lincoln Burrows: Why the hell are you still breathing?
Michael Scofield: [with T-Bag's accent] What the hell'd you do to your hand?
[Lincoln grabs T-Bags hand]
Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell: Whoa, easy, easy, easy. I recently had some work done.
Lincoln Burrows: Where's the map?
Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell: Easy, easy, easy. I don't have it!

"Prison Break: Orientación (#3.1)" (2007)
Guard: Any attempt to assist an inmate with escape will be met with a lethal response.
Lincoln Burrows: Wouldn't dream of it.

Lincoln Burrows: What happened to your face?
Susan B. Anthony: Cat.
Lincoln Burrows: That's a big cat.
Susan B. Anthony: You push anything into a corner too far and the claws will come out.

Consult: The good news: as of yesterday, you're a free man. You got nothing to worry about.
Lincoln Burrows: Just my brother.

Lincoln Burrows: They find anything else?
Consult: Like what?
Lincoln Burrows: A bag.
Consult: What was in it?
Lincoln Burrows: A little money.
Consult: Sorry.
Lincoln Burrows: 'Course they didn't.

Night Clerk: Your brother - where do they have him incarcerated?
Lincoln Burrows: Sona.
[the clerk is silent]
Lincoln Burrows: What?
Night Clerk: The worst of the worst are in there. Men no other prison will take. They rioted so badly a year ago, the guards pulled out. Just left them to themselves. Thousand thieves, rapists, murderers. The government just stays back, keeps the perimeter. To them, Sona's a one-way street: what goes, in never comes out, unless it's dead.

"Prison Break: Cell Test (#1.3)" (2005)
Lincoln Burrows: Bellick.
Captain Brad Bellick: What's up, Lincoln?
Lincoln Burrows: I want some extra time outside for the next couple weeks.
Captain Brad Bellick: [laughs] Paint fumes from PI must be getting to you.
Lincoln Burrows: Cell phones allowed in here?
[he stands up and Bellick takes off his hat]
Lincoln Burrows: Extra time outside. Couple cigarettes?
Captain Brad Bellick: Half hour, one week, one cigarette.
[Lincoln nods and walks to his cell]
Lincoln Burrows: Know a con named Sucre?

Warden Henry Pope: Why didn't you include any names?
Lincoln Burrows: Why would I want anyone to watch me die?
Warden Henry Pope: I've seen it happen a number of ways. Some people want to go it alone, others have grandiose statements that they want to make, but most want some member of their family there before they leave this world.
Lincoln Burrows: I'll go it alone.
Warden Henry Pope: Son. In my opinion, all inmates who have made that choice have deeply regretted it in their final minutes. I'll uh, leave it blank for now. You have less than four weeks now. You should give it some thought.

Michael Scofield: Lincoln, we have a problem.
Lincoln Burrows: How far behind are we?
Michael Scofield: Three days.
Lincoln Burrows: I thought you said the margin for error was zero days.
Michael Scofield: I did.

Reverend Mailor: Can I ask you something? Why have you denied any family or loved ones to be there for you at the end?
Lincoln Burrows: Why would I let them watch me die? I've already caused them enough pain.
Reverend Mailor: Maybe it's not about them watching you die.
Lincoln Burrows: Maybe it's about me watching them live. Is that the final torture?
Reverend Mailor: No. It's about how you want to leave the world. What is the last image you want to take with you? A stranger?

[to his son]
Lincoln Burrows: When you get to the end you start to realize what's important to you. Who really matters to you. And you know that leaves you and Mike; you're the only blood I got left in this world.

"Prison Break: Panama (#2.20)" (2007)
Lincoln Burrows: You know, for what it's worth, no one forced Sara to do what she did.
Michael Scofield: Whatever gets you through the night.
Lincoln Burrows: What the hell does that mean? I didn't ask you to use her.
Michael Scofield: It's not that simple.
Lincoln Burrows: Whatever gets you through the night, buddy.
Michael Scofield: You know what amazes me Linc? Nothing ever registers with you. Ever. It just rolls right off your back, doesn't it? We ruined Sara's life and it's like you don't even care.
Lincoln Burrows: Is that what you think?
Michael Scofield: We're here and Sara's back there in prison. Does that seem fair to you?
Lincoln Burrows: None of it is fair. Just don't make this about boy loses girl.
Michael Scofield: Who should it be about Linc? Westmoreland? Tweener? LJ?
Lincoln Burrows: Let me stop you right there!
Michael Scofield: Do you remember the name of the guard that was murdered because of the riot I started?
Lincoln Burrows: Shut up Michael. Please.
Michael Scofield: You don't remember his name?
Lincoln Burrows: Shut up!
Michael Scofield: I bet you remember Veronica's name, don't you?
Lincoln Burrows: [pushes Michael very hard. They're both screaming now] You mention her name again and I swear to God!
Michael Scofield: What about T-bag? Linc, he's out there, now! Because of us! You and me! Every life he takes, that's blood on our hands. And for what?
Lincoln Burrows: I didn't ask you to do what you did.
Michael Scofield: They were going to kill you Linc.
Lincoln Burrows: Maybe you should have let them!
Michael Scofield: Take that back.

Lincoln Burrows: I'm trying to remember the last time our lives made any kind of sense.
Michael Scofield: Before mom died, when it was just the three of us.

Michael Scofield: I couldn't find her.
[sees all the cop cars from a distance and realizes Sara's been caught]
Michael Scofield: Sara!
[to Lincoln]
Michael Scofield: We got to go back!
Lincoln Burrows: Michael you can't, there's nothing you can do.
Michael Scofield: There's always something you can do.
Lincoln Burrows: Not this time. Not this time. It's done. Sorry!

Michael Scofield: I can't believe we're running again.
Lincoln Burrows: It's different now, man!
Michael Scofield: You think so?
Lincoln Burrows: Yeah, we took the bitch down!
Michael Scofield: She stepped down Linc.
Lincoln Burrows: Because of us.

[after learning T-Bag is in Panama]
Lincoln Burrows: Call the police.
Michael Scofield: There's a reason I chose Panama. There's no extradition laws. They're not gonna touch him.

"Prison Break: English, Fitz or Percy (#1.5)" (2005)
Lincoln Burrows: You gonna tell me about the transfer?
Michael Scofield: I'm taking care of it.
Lincoln Burrows: You're taking care of it. Sounds to me like you're reaching.
Michael Scofield: Maybe. A little.
Lincoln Burrows: A little. You know, I had made my peace with what was coming, then you show up and give me the one thing a man in my situation shouldn't have - hope. Now that's going to be taken away.
Michael Scofield: Don't do this, Linc.
Lincoln Burrows: I've got three weeks. What do you want me to do?
Michael Scofield: [Michael puts his hand on Lincoln's shoulder] Just have a little faith.

[Sara asks about Lincoln and Michael's relationship]
Dr. Sara Tancredi: You close?
Lincoln Burrows: We were.
Dr. Sara Tancredi: How about now?
Lincoln Burrows: He's been abandoned his whole life. Dad. Mom. She died young. And now me.
Dr. Sara Tancredi: Think that's why he's here? 'Cause your... your death would feel like it's happening again?
Lincoln Burrows: I abandoned him a long time ago. That's why he's here.

Dr. Sara Tancredi: I'm supposed to give you a physical this evening. Let me apologize in advance for the heavy dose of irony we're about to participate in.
Lincoln Burrows: It's all right, just doing your job.
Dr. Sara Tancredi: Yeah, well letting the State know that you're healthy enough to execute is not why I went to medical school.

John Abruzzi: You mind telling me what this is all about?
Michael Scofield: These are the guys we're breaking out with.
John Abruzzi: I don't think so, fish. That was not our agreement.
John Abruzzi: [Abruzzi gestures to Lincoln] I'm not gonna work with this... crazy rhino.
Lincoln Burrows: Keep pushing it, John.
John Abruzzi: Yeah, I keep pushing it, you know. Huh? What's your deal, man?
Lincoln Burrows: [Lincoln grabs Abruzzi and gets in his face] Touch my brother again and I'll show you.
John Abruzzi: Brother?
[Stares at Michael]
John Abruzzi: Your brother?
Michael Scofield: We've only got a few minutes. Are we gonna spend them spitting on each other or are we gonna talk some business?

"Prison Break: The Killing Box (#2.13)" (2006)
Lincoln Burrows: If you have to take one of us, take me!
FBI Special Agent Alexander Mahone: I don't want either of you! I just want my life back!

Michael Scofield: You know we have no idea what's behind that door.
Lincoln Burrows: Nope.
Lincoln Burrows: You ready?
Michael Scofield: No. You?
Lincoln Burrows: No.
Michael Scofield: Let's go.

Lincoln Burrows: Let me get us out of here the only way I know how.
Michael Scofield: Fighting?
Lincoln Burrows: Yeah.
Michael Scofield: Pass the keys.

Lincoln Burrows: You ready?
Michael Scofield: No. You?
Lincoln Burrows: No.
Michael Scofield: Let's go.

"Prison Break: Pilot (#1.1)" (2005)
Lincoln Burrows: I didn't kill that man, Michael.
Michael Scofield: The evidence says you did.
Lincoln Burrows: I don't care what the evidence says, I didn't kill him.
Michael Scofield: Swear to me.
Lincoln Burrows: I swear to you, Michael.

[Lincoln sees Michael in prison for the first time]
Lincoln Burrows: Michael... Why?
Michael Scofield: I'm getting you out of here.
Lincoln Burrows: That's impossible.
Michael Scofield: Not if you designed the place, it isn't.

Lincoln Burrows: [Lincoln sits beside Michael on a bench in the locker area] Did you mean what you said earlier?
Michael Scofield: I'm not here on vacation. Trust me.
Lincoln Burrows: Getting outside these walls is just the beginning. You're gonna need money.
Michael Scofield: [Looking over at Westmoreland] I'll have it.
Lincoln Burrows: And people on the outside. People that can help you disappear.
Michael Scofield: I've already got them.
[He looks over at Abruzzi]
Michael Scofield: They just don't know it yet.
Lincoln Burrows: [Looking confused] Look. Whatever you got going on, fill me in, 'cause I'm in the dark here.
Michael Scofield: [Smiling] Schapelle Associates got the contract to retrofit this place in ninety-nine, four million dollar contract, head partner couldn't crack it. So he subcontracted out. An under the table sorta deal with a former associate. That guy was one of the partners in my firm. Who basically goes through the whole plan, crossed the t's dotted the i's, grouted the tiles.
[He stands up]
Lincoln Burrows: [Realizing] You've seen the blueprints.
Michael Scofield: Better than that.
[He pulls off his shirt, exposing the tattoo underneath]
Michael Scofield: I've got them on me.
[Lincoln sits back, trying to understand]
Lincoln Burrows: Are you kidding me?
[Michael smiles]
Lincoln Burrows: Am I supposed to be seeing something here?
Michael Scofield: Look closer.
[Lines appear on Michael's body, outlined to show certain blueprints of the prison. He turns around and again, the same thing happens with his back. The camera zooms in and shows the walls, and physical aspects depicted in the tattoo. This finally emerges out of the yard through the grate with the crane and the magazine in it]

Lincoln Burrows: You got a piece of the good life. Take advantage.

"Prison Break: Call Waiting (#3.3)" (2007)
Susan B. Anthony: Busy day?
Lincoln Burrows: Not as busy as I'd hoped.

Lincoln Burrows: Michael got the bounty off Whistler's head in two days. That's more than your people could do in two weeks. Show some goodwill.
Susan B. Anthony: He'll get his goodwill when Whistler's out.

[Lincoln asks Susan if Michael can call Sara]
Susan B. Anthony: Absolutely not.
Lincoln Burrows: It ain't a request. It's a dictation of terms. My brother ain't thinking about escaping until he talks to Sara.
Susan B. Anthony: Oh, that's sweet. I can assure you of two things, Lincoln. One; that Sara's fine and two; you have a better chance at banging me on that bar than you do of talking to her.
Lincoln Burrows: I appreciate the offer but I'll pass.
Susan B. Anthony: Yeah?
Lincoln Burrows: Yeah.
Susan B. Anthony: Oh, and what if that's a dictation of terms?

Lincoln Burrows: One thing you should know about my brother, he's very stubborn. You want him to fetch, you throw him a bone.

"Prison Break: Brother's Keeper (#1.16)" (2006)
Lincoln Burrows: I lost my keys.
[Michael tosses Lincoln his keys]
Lincoln Burrows: Where'd you find them?
Michael Scofield: Four feet that way.

Lincoln Burrows: Everything's not how it looks, Michael.
Michael Scofield: I hope, for your sake, that's true.

Michael Scofield: They didn't even let her testify.
Lincoln Burrows: Who?
Michael Scofield: Leticia Berris, and that cop changed his story a dozen times.
Lincoln Burrows: What part of 'move on' don't you get?
Michael Scofield: After Mom died, when it was just you and me, I remember having trouble sleeping, never knowing where you were, but when I'd wake up in the morning there'd be this paper bird, an origami crane, sitting next to my bed and I never knew what it meant exactly, but I figured it was your way of letting me know you were checking in on me. Anyway... I looked it up, the crane, stands for familial obligation; watching out for your own. Maybe it's my turn to watch out for you.

Lincoln Burrows: What part of move on don't you get?
Michael Scofield: After Mom died, when it was just you and me, I remember having trouble sleeping, never knowing where you were, but when I'd wake up in the morning there'd be this paper bird, an origami crane sitting next to my bed and I never knew what it meant exactly, but I figured it was your way of letting me know you were checking in on me. Anyway... I looked it up, the crane, stands for familial obligation, watching out for your own. Maybe it's my turn I watched out for you.

"Prison Break: Buried (#2.7)" (2006)
Michael Scofield: Why couldn't it just be a silo, in the middle of a field, with no one around?
Lincoln Burrows: We'll figure it out, we'll get the money, we'll go away.
Michael Scofield: Yeah, maybe. I can rob another bank. You know what Charles once said to me? He said there's no such thing as an ex con. Because I used to think there was a way we could wipe the slate clean. Make up for everything we've gone. The hat's over the wall, Linc. For everyone.

Lincoln Burrows: Since when did we become kidnappers? It ain't right.
Michael Scofield: We can buy a conscience tomorrow.
Lincoln Burrows: Yeah, well, closin' your eyes ain't gonna make it go away.
Michael Scofield: I'll take 5 minutes of a situation I can control over 50 years of one I can't any day.

Lincoln Burrows: [after hearing about L.J.'s release] Keys to the car, where are they?
Michael Scofield: Just hold on, ok? You can't do this! Linc! We are 5 minutes away in there.
Lincoln Burrows: We've been 5 minutes for 4 hours.
Michael Scofield: Just give me some time. Be patient.
Lincoln Burrows: You think I give a damn about the money?
Michael Scofield: I'm doing what's necessary!
Lincoln Burrows: You're afraid to fail! You're afraid this big plan of yours ain't gonna work out. You wanna get caught proving you can pull this thing off, be my guest. L.J.'s out there. I'm gonna get him.
Michael Scofield: We have come 1500 miles across country. We have made it this far.
Lincoln Burrows: Then I guess this is where we part ways.

Lincoln Burrows: You can still come with me.
Michael Scofield: I could... I could do this.
Lincoln Burrows: And if you can't?
Michael Scofield: We still meet up. Exactly where we planned.
Lincoln Burrows: Bolchoi Booze.
Michael Scofield: Bolshoi.
Lincoln Burrows: Bolshoi. L.J.'s gonna be with me.
Michael Scofield: You remember how to get there?
Lincoln Burrows: How could I forget?
Michael Scofield: Thursday night. 6:00. It's our last shot. Before, uh... um... if we do this right, we're gone. Forever.
Lincoln Burrows: Lotta ground to cover in 3 days.
Michael Scofield: Lotta ground.
Lincoln Burrows: Alright.
[hugs Michael]
Lincoln Burrows: Take care.
Michael Scofield: They'll be gunnin' for you. They'll get you anyway they can, so...
Lincoln Burrows: Yup.
Michael Scofield: Tell L.J... tell him I said there'll be a surfboard with his name on it.
Lincoln Burrows: Nice. Bolshoi Booze.
[at same time as Michael]
Lincoln Burrows: 3 days. Keep your head down.

"Prison Break: John Doe (#2.14)" (2007)
Michael Scofield: So this is the big conspiracy, huh? Bunch of little boys in suits, running around trying to kill each other? It's pathetic.
Secret Service Special Agent Paul Kellerman: [to Michael] Well, you were a little more formidable than we anticipated.
Lincoln Burrows: We don't need compliments out of you, jackass.
Secret Service Special Agent Paul Kellerman: Oh, yes, there it is, that winning Burrows personality.
Lincoln Burrows: Shut your mouth and drive.
Secret Service Special Agent Paul Kellerman: [interrupts Lincoln] The one we really knew would win over a jury, good work!

Lincoln Burrows: The second I think this thing's gone bad, you get a bullet in your head.
Secret Service Special Agent Paul Kellerman: [chuckles] I'd expect nothing less.

Secret Service Special Agent Paul Kellerman: [Terrence has committed suicide] We need to go!
Lincoln Burrows: Go where? We've got Steadman.
Secret Service Special Agent Paul Kellerman: No, we've got nothing.
Michael Scofield: All we've got is a John Doe.

[kidnapping Terrence Steadman with Michael and Kellerman]
Lincoln Burrows: You look pretty good for a dead man.

"Prison Break: Bad Blood (#2.17)" (2007)
Paul Kellerman: Okay, anyway you look at it, there is no light at the end of this tunnel. One way or another, you and I, we die. Your brother too, which is a shame given all he's done for you. I have a sister I haven't spoken to in 15 years, think she's better off for it?
Lincoln Burrows: We'll make it.
Paul Kellerman: What is that? Faith?
Lincoln Burrows: Yeah. That's faith.
Paul Kellerman: All I see is a black hole. And sooner or later they're going to suck each one of us into it. But when they come for me, I'll take as many of them with me as I can.
Lincoln Burrows: She must have really broken your heart, Paul.
[they both chuckle]

Lincoln Burrows: You wanted me dead, Paul.
Paul Kellerman: Just following orders.
Lincoln Burrows: Send me to the chair for something I didn't do. All for your president. You were willing to do that.
Paul Kellerman: Just. Following. Orders.

Lincoln Burrows: Steadman said you loved her.
Paul Kellerman: Steadman was a deranged man that lived in a locked box, you don't love someone that loves power over life.
Lincoln Burrows: Bitter huh?
Paul Kellerman: Am I?

Lincoln Burrows: What's going on?
Michael Scofield: ...I made a deal with Pope.
Lincoln Burrows: You made a deal with Pope? What kind of deal?
Michael Scofield: If he came with us, and if we got what we needed, I said I'd turn myself in...
Lincoln Burrows: WHAT? We don't even know what this thing is! It could be *nothing* Michael! You know about this?
Dr. Sara Tancredi: Not until it came out of his mouth.
Michael Scofield: It was the only way I could think of. You two can still finish this. You'll just have to do it without me.
Lincoln Burrows: I'm not going to let you do this Michael! There's *no* coming back from this.
Michael Scofield: [Lift's hand] Stop.

"Prison Break: Unearthed (#2.9)" (2006)
Lincoln Burrows: I, uh, I saw you checkin' out those girls back at the diner.
LJ Burrows: What?
Lincoln Burrows: Come on. 'Fess up.
LJ Burrows: Nah, I was just makin' sure that they weren't staring at us.
Lincoln Burrows: With what, their asses?

LJ Burrows: I'm not an idiot! I was on the run too, you know.
Lincoln Burrows: Yeah, you were on the run. And you got caught.
LJ Burrows: Yeah, well I'm sorry I'm not a pro at being a con like you, dad! Maybe I should have just left when you gave me the out, huh? It's not like you care.
[L.J. makes to get out of the car; Lincoln pulls him back]
Lincoln Burrows: Whoa. Take it easy. I'm sorry. Alright? I'm sorry man, I'm just...
Lincoln Burrows: Let's get out of here.

Lincoln Burrows: I'm a target, kid. As long as you're with me, so are you. Things'll get a whole lot worse before they get better. Understand?
LJ Burrows: But after we meet up with uncle Mike and get to Panama...
Lincoln Burrows: Panama ain't a sure thing. Your uncle's plan is dangerous, I mean really dangerous.

"Prison Break: Subdivision (#2.6)" (2006)
Lincoln Burrows: [his shovel hits something hard] I got somethin'.
Michael Scofield: It's the silo's foundation.
David 'Tweener' Apolskis: Hells yeah!
Michael Scofield: [whispering] Thank you Charles.

Lincoln Burrows: What happened?
David 'Tweener' Apolskis: Whoa! Ok, check it. This fool came in the shop, he was acting all shady, he got a bad vibe. So, he picked up his celly phone, he started making calls so I popped him.
Lincoln Burrows: What?
David 'Tweener' Apolskis: I hit him with a shovel man, I didn't know what else to do! So, I just-I tied him up and put him in the back with that other country hick.
Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell: Here we go, here we go...
David 'Tweener' Apolskis: I came through, you gimp!

Michael Scofield: Where'd you lean about electricity?
Lincoln Burrows: Used to steal copper wires from transformer boxes. Sell 'em on the docks, make a few bucks. When you were at school, of course.

"Prison Break: Bolshoi Booze (#2.11)" (2006)
Lincoln Burrows: I'll see you soon, I promise.
LJ Burrows: Isn't that the same thing your dad told you?
Lincoln Burrows: Yeah, but I mean it.

Aldo Burrows: It's about corporate interest taking over the government. Buying elections, fighting wars, people dying so they can turn a profit. We're trying to stop it.
Lincoln Burrows: What are you, a bunch of spies?
Aldo Burrows: Just a handful of senators, congressmen, people like me that once worked for The Company. People willing to expose the president for what she is - a shill, working for these corporations. We bring her down, we bring them down.
Lincoln Burrows: What's it got to do with me?
Aldo Burrows: Because the way we're gonna bring her down is also what we're gonna use to set you free.

[dead agent's cell phone rings, Lincoln picks it up]
Aldo Burrows: Lincoln, don't!
[he answers the phone]
Secret Service Special Agent William 'Bill' Kim: Is it done?
Lincoln Burrows: You are.
Secret Service Special Agent William 'Bill' Kim: Lincoln Burrows.
Lincoln Burrows: Your man's dead. Just like anyone else you send to take out my son.
Secret Service Special Agent William 'Bill' Kim: We want you. This isn't about L.J. There's a very simple way for all of this to end.
Lincoln Burrows: I'll tell you how it's gonna end - me staring your dead eye with my hand around your throat.
Secret Service Special Agent William 'Bill' Kim: You don't even know who I am.
[hangs up phone]

"Prison Break: The Rat (#1.14)" (2006)
C.O. #2: At the moment of death, the body becomes incontinent. So...
[holds up diaper]
Lincoln Burrows: It's a diaper.
C.O. #2: Yeah. You need to wear it.
Lincoln Burrows: Make me.

[phone conversation]
LJ Burrows: There's something I want to tell you.
Lincoln Burrows: What's that?
LJ Burrows: I had a dream last night. You and me were working on a house, pounding nails. And in the dream, it felt like we were older. It was so clear... the whole dream... And when I woke, I knew that today wasn't going to be the end. That... That we'll see each other again, dad. I know it. I love you, dad.

Lincoln Burrows: You letting me win, Michael?
Michael Scofield: No...
Lincoln Burrows: Mm hmm, show me your cards.
Michael Scofield: I'm not going to show you my cards.
Lincoln Burrows: Show me your cards!
Michael Scofield: I'm not going to show you my cards!
Lincoln Burrows: Give me your cards!
[grabs the cards out of Michael's hand and slaps them on the table]
Michael Scofield: [sheepishly] Gin.
Lincoln Burrows: Funny that...

"Prison Break: Fire/Water (#3.2)" (2007)
Lincoln Burrows: I'm assuming you weren't born by immaculate conception. Family ties being what they are... moms, dads, brothers, sisters. Anything happens to my son or Sara, I'm not coming after YOU, Susan.

Lincoln Burrows: [to Sucre] Listen to me. The innocent people in your life, you have to keep them innocent. If that means walking away from them, that's what you gotta do.

Susan B. Anthony: You know, they told me that your brother got all the brains. But I didn't realize that you were this stupid.
Lincoln Burrows: What do you want, Susan?
Susan B. Anthony: No sooner do I tell you to stick to the plan, then you go and hassle Whistler's girlfriend. You need to quit playing Sherlock Holmes and leave her alone.
Lincoln Burrows: Why?
[Susan points a gun at Lincoln]
Susan B. Anthony: Cause I said so. How about that?
Lincoln Burrows: How about you beat it, so I can get back to work?
Susan B. Anthony: I will. As soon as you give me what you took from her.
Lincoln Burrows: I took nothing from her.
Susan B. Anthony: I got a gallon of bleach, a tarp and a hacksaw in the trunk of my car. One hour, tops - you're off the face of the earth.

"Prison Break: Interference (#3.5)" (2007)
Michael Scofield: I ran some tests last night. Military jeeps patrol the perimeter at night. There's no way of telling where they're going to be in the dark.
Lincoln Burrows: We need the dark!

Lincoln Burrows: I want this to work out just as badly as you do.
Susan B. Anthony: More, I'm sure.

"Prison Break: Breaking and Entering (#4.2)" (2008)
Lincoln Burrows: [to Michael] You better have one hell of a plan, Michael.

Michael Scofield: He's an identity thief.
Lincoln Burrows: He's a douche.

"Prison Break: Fin del camino (#2.21)" (2007)
Lincoln Burrows: [to Mahone] It's going to end bad for you, man. Couple of things in this world I'm good at; one of them's looking into a man's eyes and knowing when he's beat.

FBI Special Agent Alexander Mahone: You're not going to like how this ends, Lincoln. I'm giving you a chance, right now. Just back away, all right? Just back away.
Lincoln Burrows: You son of a bitch, you killed my dad. You're done.

"Prison Break: Sweet Caroline (#2.19)" (2007)
Lincoln Burrows: You don't take a piss without a plan, man. Come on. Look at me, I never think things through and look where it got me.

Lincoln Burrows: [answering phone] Yeah?
President Caroline Reynolds: Lincoln Burrows?
Lincoln Burrows: Caroline Reynolds.
President Caroline Reynolds: I understand you have something for me.
President Caroline Reynolds: You still there?
Lincoln Burrows: Oh, I'm here. It's good to finally talk to you. Wish I had the chance one of those 242 nights I spent on death row, you ...
President Caroline Reynolds: Please just play the tape.
[Lincoln holds his phone up to the computer and the recording plays... ]
President Caroline Reynolds: It's awful, I know. But the choice was clear, you needed to be far away from all of this.
Terrence Steadman: I am. I'm the Isle of Terrance, far off to sea.
President Caroline Reynolds: But I'm still here for you. Now listen to me. Don't dwell on the negative.
Terrence Steadman: Some people deserve to dwell, Caroline.
President Caroline Reynolds: You know I'm only a phone call away.
Terrence Steadman: Mmhmm. And 3000 miles. Do - do you know how cold it is here?
President Caroline Reynolds: We talked about this, Terrance. You knew that you would be lonely, but it's only temporary. His appeals process has started already. This is gonna fly by quicker than your twenties. And soon the world will forget all about him. And they'll forget about you too, I promise.
Terrence Steadman: But... it's killing me, not being able to see you. Sweet Caroline.
President Caroline Reynolds: I wanna see you too, but that can't happen right now.
Terrence Steadman: This house is so big, I just... I just think of you, lying in bed.
President Caroline Reynolds: I know. Me too.
Terrence Steadman: Your warmth, your touch...
[Caroline hangs up the phone]

"Prison Break: Allen (#1.2)" (2005)
Lincoln Burrows: Now is not the time to be trusting a black inmate, Michael.
Michael Scofield: Our relationship transcends race.
Lincoln Burrows: Nothing transcends race in here.

Lincoln Burrows: It can't be done, Michael. No one's ever broken out of Fox River.
Michael Scofield: Every single step's already been mapped out. Every contingency.
Lincoln Burrows: Every contingency? You may have the blueprints to this place but there's one thing those plans can't show you - people. Guys like Abruzzi. You so much as look at these cats the wrong way, they'll cut you up.
Michael Scofield: Far as the rest of these guys are concerned, I'm just another con, doin' his time. Stayin' out of trouble.
Lincoln Burrows: You don't go lookin' for trouble in here, it just finds you!
Michael Scofield: And when it does we'll be long gone.

"Prison Break: The Old Head (#1.8)" (2005)
LJ Burrows: I don't know if you remember, but that summer before fifth grade when I stayed with you a couple weeks and you thought I broke your glass coffee table...
Lincoln Burrows: Uh huh.
LJ Burrows: And when you came home, I denied it. But you told me you could care less about the coffee table, you just didn't want to me lying to you. And you said I'd feel a lot better if I just told you the truth. And you promised not to be angry.
Lincoln Burrows: I remember.
LJ Burrows: Well I broke it.

Lincoln Burrows: You gotta have faith, kid.

"Prison Break: Tweener (#1.9)" (2005)
Lincoln Burrows: LJ. Thank God. Are you all right?
LJ Burrows: No. Nowhere near it.
Lincoln Burrows: What do you mean? Where are you?
LJ Burrows: What they're saying about me, it's not true, it's...
Lincoln Burrows: I know it's not true.
LJ Burrows: They killed her. They killed her. Right in front of me. They killed her right in front of my eyes, and, and, and, why are they doing this?
Lincoln Burrows: You gotta - you gotta - listen! Listen! You gotta step up, you gotta be the man now. You understand me? You understand me, LJ?

"Prison Break: Under & Out (#3.11)" (2008)
Michael Scofield: Change of plans, Linc. We're doing this tonight.
Lincoln Burrows: What happened?
Michael Scofield: Rain. Dirt. Tunnel. Problem.

"Prison Break: Killing Your Number (#4.22)" (2009)
Lincoln Burrows: We took a vote. You're in luck.
Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell: Oh, lucky day!
Lincoln Burrows: What we voted on was whether or not you took a stick of gum on your van ride back to prison.

"Prison Break: Manhunt (#2.1)" (2006)
John Abruzzi: Trousers are too small, though...
Lincoln Burrows: Chop your feets off. You're good at that.

"Prison Break: Chicago (#2.16)" (2007)
Lincoln Burrows: It's going to be alright.
Dr. Sara Tancredi: If you say so.

"Prison Break: Sona (#2.22)" (2007)
Lincoln Burrows: How does it feel to be on the run?
FBI Special Agent Alexander Mahone: I'll survive.
Lincoln Burrows: Not if they catch ya. They'll send you to the chair.
FBI Special Agent Alexander Mahone: You think that's ironic?
Lincoln Burrows: That'd be justice.

"Prison Break: Dirt Nap (#3.10)" (2008)
Lincoln Burrows: I got your back, man. When you get home, whatever you need, whatever you want...
Fernando Sucre: That won't be necessary. When I get back home, I'm a saint. I'm not even jaywalking.

"Prison Break: Hell or High Water (#3.12)" (2008)
Susan B. Anthony: Gotta commend you on that boom box trick. You steal that one from 'Home Alone'?
Lincoln Burrows: You fell for it, bitch.

"Prison Break: The Mother Lode (#4.17)" (2009)
Lincoln Burrows: [about a photo of Lincoln and his pregnant mother] It's been doctored.
Alex Mahone: I'm not sure about that. The lighting, the shadows, they all sync up perfectly.
Lincoln Burrows: But this is a '78 Zephyr. Michael was born in '76.
Alex Mahone: You're the only one who could have picked up on that. She doctored that for you.

"Prison Break: Wash (#2.18)" (2007)
Lincoln Burrows: The woman that set me up... is going to set me free?
Michael Scofield: I think she'll sign it with her own hand.

"Prison Break: Bang and Burn (#3.8)" (2007)
Michael Scofield: LJ, is he - ?
Lincoln Burrows: Alive. They've given us four more days.
Michael Scofield: Okay. Good.
[Turns away]
Lincoln Burrows: [Calls after him] Listen, back at the exchange point, I saw three body bags. You, me and LJ, we weren't getting out of there alive. It's the last time I get caught flat footed.
Michael Scofield: Do what you gotta do Linc. As long as I take care of my end, right?
Lincoln Burrows: Michael, I know you're angry with me about Sara but...
Michael Scofield: You lied.
Lincoln Burrows: I *had* to lie.
Michael Scofield: Your son is my nephew, and there is nothing I wouldn't do for him. But apparently you thought... apparently you think I only care about myself...
Lincoln Burrows: I know you don't care about yourself, but - you cared about Sara. You loved her. And I'm sorry. But LJ is my son, I - I couldn't let anything happen to him, you know that!
Michael Scofield: You used me, Linc. So I guess you and the company have something in common.

"Prison Break: Tonight (#1.20)" (2006)
Lincoln Burrows: Boss, my brother's in genpop, he's got no clue that I was in an accident.
Guard: So?
Lincoln Burrows: Well, is there any way to get a message to him?
Guard: Yeah, put it in your will.

"Prison Break: The Message (#2.15)" (2007)
Lincoln Burrows: What makes you think she's gonna come running back now?
Michael Scofield: The same thing that's been keeping us going for the last three months... faith.
Lincoln Burrows: Yeah, well, reality's kicking faith's ass, man.

"Prison Break: Dead Fall (#2.8)" (2006)
LJ Burrows: Let me get this straight. You paid that meth head to whoop my ass?
Lincoln Burrows: Yeah. Feds were waitin' for me to come get you. It was the only way. It worked, didn't it?
LJ Burrows: Yeah, it got me four stitches.
Lincoln Burrows: Adds character.

"Prison Break: Scan (#2.3)" (2006)
Lincoln Burrows: Man, it's quiet out here. Inside, there was always noise, you know. Someone yelling, guards making rounds. Kinda got used to it.
Michael Scofield: You're right. We should go back.
[they both burst out laughing]