Inspector Frank Bumstead
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Inspector Frank Bumstead (Character)
from Dark City (1998)

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Dark City (1998)
John Murdoch: When was the last time you remember doing something during the day?
Inspector Frank Bumstead: What do you mean?
John Murdoch: I just mean during the day. Daylight. When was the last time you remember seeing it? And I'm not talking about some distant, half-forgotten childhood memory, I mean like yesterday. Last week. Can you come up with a single memory? You can't, can you? You know something, I don't think the sun even... exists... in this place. 'Cause I've been up for hours, and hours, and hours, and the night never ends here.

John Murdoch: Here, let me ask you a question. You heard of a place called Shell Beach?
Inspector Frank Bumstead: Sure.
John Murdoch: Do you know how to get there?
Inspector Frank Bumstead: Yeah.
John Murdoch: Tell me.
Inspector Frank Bumstead: Right. You just... you go to the...
John Murdoch: Where? Where do you go?
Inspector Frank Bumstead: Just give me a second, will you...
John Murdoch: You can't remember, can you?

[at the murder scene]
Inspector Frank Bumstead: What's that make so far, Husselbeck? Six hookers in all?
Husselbeck: I believe so, sir.
Inspector Frank Bumstead: Give the man an "A" for effort.

Husselbeck: Everything Detective Walenski committed to paper should be here.
Inspector Frank Bumstead: The only thing that should be committed is Wolenski.

Walenski: I've been trying to remember things, CLEARLY remember things, from my past, but the more I try to think back, the more it all starts to unravel. None of it seems real. It's like I've just been dreaming this life, and when I finally wake up, I'll be somebody else. Somebody totally different!
Inspector Frank Bumstead: You saw something, didn't you, Eddie? Something to do with the case.
Walenski: There is no case! There never was! It's all just a big joke! It's a joke!

[Emma notices Bumstead's accordian]
Emma Murdoch: It's beautiful.
Inspector Frank Bumstead: It was a gift from my mother. She died recently. I keep it with me to remind me of her.
Emma Murdoch: I'm sorry.
Inspector Frank Bumstead: It's a funny thing, though. I can't remember WHEN she gave it to me. How do you think I could forget a thing like this?

Inspector Frank Bumstead: So Husselbeck, what kind of killer do you think stops to save a dying fish?

Inspector Frank Bumstead: [Murdoch escaping] No one ever listens to me...