Lynne Wood
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Lynne Wood (Character)
from The Hills Have Eyes (1977)

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The Hills Have Eyes (2006)
Bobby Carter: [to Lynn, after scaring her] Could you get me a Twinkie?
Lynn: No!
Bobby Carter: [groans in dismay]

Lynn: Hey B.
Brenda Carter: Hey.
Lynn: How you holding up?
Brenda Carter: [sarcastically] I am thrilled.
Lynn: [laughing] Yeah, this is a total drag.
Brenda Carter: [snidely] Yeah, well, you know, I really don't care what they say. Next year, I am going to Cancun with my friends. Not going on any more of their lame family trips.
Lynn: Well, we're not not gonna have many more of them, you know. And if you want to go to Cancun, you know you're gonna have to get a job.
Brenda Carter: Oh, what you mean like your job?
Lynn: [firmly] Brenda. I help Doug out at the store, okay?
Brenda Carter: [leaning back in her chair, disbelieving] Ah.
Doug Bukowski: [off-camera] Honey? Can you bring me my jacket?
Brenda Carter: [mimicking Lynn] I'll be right there, honey.
Lynn: [gets up and walks away, smirking and flipping Brenda the middle finger]
Brenda Carter: [laughs]

Lynn: What I'd give for a hot shower and a cold margarita.
Brenda Carter: [chiming in] The beach...
Lynn: A massage...
Ethel: I'll take a real bed.
Brenda Carter: [slyly] The chronic.
Lynn: [laughs] Brenda!
Ethel: What?
Lynn: [still laughing] The chronic... it's pot, Mom.
Ethel: [stares at her daughters, horrified and displeased]

The Hills Have Eyes (1977)
Ethel Carter: [while looking at a road map] We are not lost, we're right here somewhere on this little blue line.
Lynne Wood: This road is not a blue line, it's a dotted line, if it's even on the map at all!

Lynne Wood: What the hell was that?
Mama: Sounded like some sort of animal.
Lynne Wood: Yeah well, if animals around here are smart enough to run radios we're up shitcreek without a paddle.
Mama: You know you never used language like that before you moved to New York City.