Ethel Carter
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Ethel Carter (Character)
from The Hills Have Eyes (1977)

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The Hills Have Eyes (1977)
Ethel Carter: That's not my Bob!

Ethel Carter: [while looking at a road map] We are not lost, we're right here somewhere on this little blue line.
Lynne Wood: This road is not a blue line, it's a dotted line, if it's even on the map at all!

Big Bob Carter: Twenty-five years I'm a cop in the worst goddamn precinct in Cleveland. Niggers shoot arrows at me and the hillbillies throw dogs off the roofs at me and I'm even shot at on two separate occasions by my own men, but none of these bastards ever come as close to killing me as my own goddamn wife and her goddamn road maps and her wrong turns and her goddamn hysterical screaming and her...
Ethel Carter: Watch your language. And you watch your heart, too. You know what Dr. Springer said.
Big Bob Carter: Well, Dr. Springer can take his stethoscope and shove it... into his little black bag. Sideways.

The Hills Have Eyes (2006)
Ethel: [Doug and Big Bob are about to go and look for help] I think that we should pray before you go.
Brenda Carter: Aw, Mom!
Ethel: Brenda, is it really so much to ask?
Brenda Carter: Yes.
Big Bob: [firmly, to Brenda] C'mon.
Brenda Carter: [sighs, rising from her chair] Thank God no one's watching us.

Lynn: What I'd give for a hot shower and a cold margarita.
Brenda Carter: [chiming in] The beach...
Lynn: A massage...
Ethel: I'll take a real bed.
Brenda Carter: [slyly] The chronic.
Lynn: [laughs] Brenda!
Ethel: What?
Lynn: [still laughing] The chronic... it's pot, Mom.
Ethel: [stares at her daughters, horrified and displeased]