Diego Delgado
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Diego Delgado (Character)
from Blow (2001)

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Blow (2001)
Diego Delgado: How much time do you have?
George: Oh, let's see. Twenty-six months.
Diego Delgado: Twenty-six months? For murder? I must meet your lawyer.

Diego Delgado: I need a favor from you.
George: [voice over] The favor was to pick up fifty kilos of cocaine. Fifty. That's a hundred and ten pounds. Not exactly a small favor. Not like bumming a cigarette, for example. But what the hell. I didn't have anything better to do that day. It's not like I was on parole or anything.

Diego Delgado: [in their cell] Do you have a dream, George?
George: Well, I would if I could get some fucking sleep.

Diego Delgado: You failed because you had the wrong dream... What do you know about cocaine?

Diego Delgado: George! How are you, my brother?
George: No more brothers, Diego.
Diego Delgado: What do you mean? Of course we are brothers, George.
George: You fucked me.
Diego Delgado: [acting shocked] ... I did not.
George: Yeah you did. You went behind my back, you cut me out, you fucked me.
Diego Delgado: [after snorting line of cocaine] Well, maybe you're right. Maybe I did fuck you... a *little* bit!
[Diego and his group all laugh]
Diego Delgado: Yeah, I stole your California connection, so what? Who introduce you to Pablo Escobar, huh? Me. Who introduce you to your *fucking* Columbian wife? Me. WHO PROTECT YOU... when my friend Cesar wanted to slice your fucking throat? Me. Who helped you make millions and millions of dollars? Me. And what do I get in return? These... accusations. No, I have always given you everything George, but... that is over now!
[They all laugh again]
Diego Delgado: So go home. Go back home. Go home and sell half grams to your fucking relatives for all I care...
[George puts gun to Diego's head]
Diego Delgado: -cause you are *out*! And don't be so emotional, George. Cause we are brothers. We are brothers.
[George pulls the trigger to reveal the gun was empty]
George: Next time it's fuckin' loaded.