Mirtha Jung
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Mirtha Jung (Character)
from Blow (2001)

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Blow (2001)
Mirtha Jung: We are broke, that is my fucking problem and you are a fucking spy. That's right. Always spyin', always judgin'. Everyone's laughing in your face, you fucking pussy. You let Diego fuck you in the ass. Maybe because you like it, maybe because you're a fucking faggot. That's what I think you are. I think you are really fuckin' him cause you're not fucking me. Why's that? Why? Why don't you fuck me anymore? Don't you ever touch me again, motherfucker! Don't ever put your hands on me again, asshole! Get your hands off me.
[Mirtha is carried out of the car by police]
Mirtha Jung: He's a fugitive and a fucking cocaine dealer! He's got a kilo in his trunk right now!

Mirtha Jung: I'm divorcin' you George. I am getting custody of Kristina. And when you get out next week, you're gonna pay support and that's the end of it. There is someone else. I did not think you would want to know but I wanted to tell you. Say something.
George: What do you want me to say? I'm in prison. You should know you're the one who put me in here.
Mirtha Jung: I knew you would say something like that. Always thinkin' about yourself.