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Quotes for
Kit De Luca (Character)
from Pretty Woman (1990)

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Pretty Woman (1990)
[Kit is trying to cheer up Vivian]
Vivian: Tell me one person who it's worked out for.
Kit: What, you want me to name someone? You want like a name? Oh, God, the pressure of a name... I got it. Cindafuckin'rella

[Kit is streetwalking]
Kit: Hey yo, baby!
Guy in car: How 'bout a freebie? It's my birthday.
Kit: Dream on!

Kit: You should go for him. You look hot tonight. Don't take less than $100. Call me when you're through. Take care of you.
Vivian: Take care of you.

[Vivian calls Kit]
Vivian: I called and called, where were you last night?
Kit: Ma?

Kit: Oh no, come on, you don't know that. Hey he asked you right? Maybe you guys could, like, um you know get a house together and, like, buy some diamonds and a horse. I don't know.

Kit: Fifty bucks, Grandpa. For seventy-five, the wife can watch.

Kit: You clean up real nice. You sure don't fit in down on the Boulevard lookin' like you do, not that you ever did.
Vivian: Well, thanks, but it's easy to clean up when you got money.