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Quotes for
Nelson Fox (Character)
from You've Got Mail (1998)

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You've Got Mail (1998)
Schuyler Fox: Your father is getting married.
Joe Fox: Really?
Nelson Fox: Yes.
Joe Fox: Congratulations.
Nelson Fox: Thank you.
Joe Fox: Why?
Nelson Fox: Who knows?
Joe Fox: Love?
Nelson Fox: Possible.

Joe Fox: [about a sculpture on Nelson Fox's desk] Porcelain?
Nelson Fox: Rubber.

Nelson Fox: You know, I stayed on this boat after... let's see, your mother... Laurette, the ballet dancer...
Joe Fox: My nanny.
Nelson Fox: She was the nanny?
Joe Fox: Yeah.
Nelson Fox: [laughs] I forgot that. How ironic. Then there was the ice skater.
Joe Fox: Also my nanny.
Nelson Fox: Really?
Joe Fox: Yeah.
Nelson Fox: That's amazingly ironic. And then there was Sybil, the... um... it's an "A" word...
Joe Fox: Astrologer.
Nelson Fox: Exactly. Yeah.
Joe Fox: Whose moon turned out to be in someone else's house, as I recall.
Nelson Fox: Just like Gillian.
Joe Fox: Gillian ran off with someone?
Nelson Fox: The nanny.
Joe Fox: Nanny Maureen?
Nelson Fox: Yes.
Joe Fox: [Joe bursts out laughing] Well! Gillian ran off with Nanny Maureen, hmm?
Nelson Fox: You got it.
Joe Fox: That's *incredibly* ironic.

Joe Fox: Hey, this... this fabric on the couch, what is it? Does it have a name?
Nelson Fox: Money.
Joe Fox: Huh?
Nelson Fox: Its name is *money*.
Joe Fox: Ah, Gillian selected it.

Nelson Fox: How much son? How much you payin'?
Joe Fox: Well, whatever it costs it won't be as much as that exquisitely uncomfortable mohair episode there, which is NOW ALL OVER MY SUIT.

Nelson Fox: Perfect. Keep those West-Side liberal nuts, psudo-intellectuals...
Joe Fox: Readers, Dad. They're called readers.
Nelson Fox: Don't do that, son. Don't romanticize them.

Nelson Fox: I just have to meet someone new, that's all. That's the easy part.
Joe Fox: Oh right, yeah, a snap to find the one single person in the world who fills your heart with joy.
Nelson Fox: Well, don't be ridiculous. Have I ever been with anyone who fit that description? Have you?