Nola Rice
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Nola Rice (Character)
from Match Point (2005)

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Match Point (2005)
Nola Rice: [from trailer] I don't think this is a good idea. You shouldn't have followed me here.
Christopher "Chris" Wilton: Do you feel guilty?
Nola Rice: Do you?
[they kiss]

Nola Rice: He saw me across the room and he homed in on me like a guided missile.

Nola Rice: Men always seem to wonder. They think I'd be something very special.
Christopher "Chris" Wilton: And are you?
Nola Rice: Well, no one's ever asked for their money back.

Christopher "Chris" Wilton: So tell me, what's a beautiful young American ping-pong player doing mingling among the British upper class?
Nola Rice: Did anyone ever tell you you play a very aggressive game?
Christopher "Chris" Wilton: Did anyone ever tell you you have very sensual lips?
Nola Rice: Extremely aggressive.
Christopher "Chris" Wilton: I'm naturally competitive.

Nola Rice: I want an Aston Martin or one of those vintage convertible Mercedes.
Tom Hewett: When we're married, we'll collect vintage cars. Just as long as I can have a DB9 with all the trim.