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Quotes for
Terk (Character)
from Tarzan (1999)

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Tarzan (1999)
Tantor: That sounded like Tarzan. It sounded like - like he was in trouble.
Terk: Yeah? Why doesn't he get his new friends to help him? I don't care.
Tantor: [Grabbing Terk] Thaaaaat's IT! I've had it with you and your emotional constipation! Tarzan needs us, and we're gonna help him! You got that?
[He places her on his back]
Tantor: Now pipe down, and hang on tight! We've got a boat to catch.
[Tantor charges off a cliff and into the ocean]
Tantor: I've never felt so alive!
Terk: Good, 'cause I'm gonna kill you!

Terk: Can you believe that guy? Drops us like a newborn giraffe - kerplop! - then waltzes in and expects us to...
Tarzan: Terk, I'm asking you as a friend.
[Looks at Terk with big, soulful eyes]
Terk: Oh, with the face and the eyes... All right! All right! But you'd better not make me do anything stupid.
[Cut to Terk in Jane's dress]
Terk: I'm going to kill him!

Terk: What kind of primitive beasts are responsible for this mess?

Tantor: Oh, Terk, I've never seen him so happy.
Terk: Eh, I give it a week.

Tantor: [Terk is dressed in Jane's dress to lure Kerchak away] Actually, I thought that dress was rather slimming on you.
Terk: Oh, really? I thought it was a little revealing.

Tantor: What's everybody lookin' at?
Tantor: [sees the camp] Ooh! The horror! It's gruesome! Hide me!
Terk: Pull yourself together. You're embarrasing me. These things aren't alive.
Tantor: I knew that.

Terk: What kind of animal are you?
Tantor: You know, I've been thinking lately that Tarzan may be some sub-species of elephant.
Terk: Are you kidding... What are you talking about?
Tantor: I mean, think about it. He enjoys a peanut, I enjoy a peanut...
Terk: He looks nothing like you!

Tantor: [as Tarzan is leaving on the boat] Tarzan!
Terk: We're too late! I can't believe it! If only you had asked for directions.
Tantor: We didn't even get to say goodbye.
Terk: Well, good riddance! Who needs you? Go on, get out of here, bald boy! You ingrate! You bald ingrate!
[Throws a rock at the water]
Terk: Go out and rot, for all I care!
[to Tantor]
Terk: What are you looking at?
Tantor: I'm gonna miss him, too.

Ape Boy: Hurry up, Terk!
Mungo: Last one there's a dung beetle!
Terk: Yeah, first one's gotta eat it!

Tarzan II (2005) (V)
Terk: Excuse me, what do you think you are doing? Because whatever it is, you're not doing it too good.

Terk: How come no one else heard it?
Tantor: I'm an elephant. I have 20-20 hearing.