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James Parker (Character)
from Tarzan the Ape Man (1932)

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Tarzan the Ape Man (1981)
[It's night. We hear Tarzan yelling]
Parker: Oh, shut up, you boring son of a bitch!

Parker: Jane, do you know what he wants? What this ape wants?
Jane: He's not an ape!
Parker: He is an ape. He lives like an ape, he kills like an ape. But do you understand what he wants?
Jane: You know everything...
Parker: Well, this ape son of a bitch wants you.
Parker: I'm gonna catch that animal son of a bitch, Mr Holt!

Parker: I wallow in me. I enjoy every syllable I say and every gesture I make. I indulge myself a full one hundred percent. And you take my advice, dear Jane, and you do the same thing, and enjoy your beautiful time on Earth. Turn yourself into a god, and then you will not have to look for another.

Tarzan the Ape Man (1932)
James Parker: [James, Jane's father, starts to leave when she starts to undress] Yes, well, I-I-I-I I think I better be...
Jane Parker: Darling, don't be silly and embarrassed by me! Why, you bathed me some times and you spanked me too! Several times.
James Parker: Rarely, dearly.
Jane Parker: No, preferably, if you actually had. I wouldn't be so obstinate. And I am! Very obstinate.

Jane Parker: Tarzan! Don't go! Come with us. We'll all go back together. Tarzan. Tarzan! Tarzan.
James Parker: Jane, dear, you belong to us and he brought you back. Now, you must let him go. He belongs to the jungle.
Jane Parker: Not now, he belongs to me.