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Jane Porter (Character)
from The Legend of Tarzan (2016)

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Tarzan (1999)
Professor Porter: Oh, Janie Jane! What an amazing discovery! A man with no language, no human behavior...
Jane Porter: And no respect for personal boundaries.
Professor Porter: How do you mean?
Jane Porter: [gets extremely close to Professor Porter] He was this close to me, daddy, just staring at me.
[Goes back to blackboard and finishes drawing of Tarzan]
Jane Porter: He was confused at first, as if he had never seen another human before. His eyes were intense... and focused, and... I've never seen eyes like those before.
Professor Porter: Oh. Shall I - ahem - leave you and the blackboard alone for a moment?
Jane Porter: Oh, daddy, stop it.

Jane Porter: Oh, Tarzan, you have no idea what's in store for you. You're going to see the world, and all kinds of people will want to meet you. Leaders, scientists, writers.
Professor Porter: Yes, Darwin and Kipling. Queen Victoria!
Jane Porter: I haven't met her, but I hear she's awfully nice.

Jane Porter: I was saved! I was saved by a flying wild man in a loincloth.

Tarzan: Tarzan. Tar-zan.
Jane Porter: Tarzan. Oh, I see!
Tarzan: Oh, I see!
Tarzan: [points at himself] Tarzan.
Tarzan: [points at Jane] Oh, I see.
Jane Porter: No, no, no. No.
Jane Porter: [clears throat, points at herself] I'm Jane.
Tarzan: No, no, no. No.
Tarzan: [clears throat, points at himself] I'm Jane.
Jane Porter: No, no.
Jane Porter: [points at herself] Jane.
Jane Porter: [points at Tarzan] Tarzan.
Jane Porter: [points at herself] Jane.
Tarzan: Jane.
Jane Porter: Exactly.

Jane Porter: [trying to coax a baby baboon to give her back a drawing] All right, enough of this. I want that paper on the count of three. One, two... Oh, look! Bananas!
[as the baboon looks away, Jane snatches the drawing away]
Jane Porter: Ha ha! I can't believe you fell for that one!
[the baby baboon starts crying]
Jane Porter: Now, now, don't give me those crocodile tears. What would your parents have to say?
[suddenly she hears a growl; turns around to face a band of angry baboons]
Jane Porter: See? I told you they'd be cross. Go easy on him, children will be children.

Jane Porter: [Tarzan has saved her from the baboons] Put me down! Put me down!
[the baboons approach]
Jane Porter: No, pick me up, pick me up, pick me up!

Jane Porter: [Hanging from a tree] It can't get any worse, can it?
[it starts to rain]
Jane Porter: Obviously, it can.

Jane Porter: [Describing how Tarzan walks] He bent his elbows out, and he walked like this.
Professor Porter: Oh, I see! Just like Aunt Isabel.

Jane Porter: And there were gorillas.
Professor Porter, Clayton: Gorillas?
Clayton: You found the gorillas? Where, Jane? Where?
Jane Porter: He left with them.
Professor Porter: Who did? Who?
Jane Porter: Tarzan.
Clayton: Tarzan?
Jane Porter: The ape man.

Jane Porter: [after Clayton fires in the air] Mr. Clayton, please. What if it's a gorilla?
Clayton: It's no gorilla.

[after being returned to camp by Tarzan]
Jane Porter: Oh, my goodness! Daddy, I was walking. There was... was a little baby, little baby monkey, and I drew a picture!
Professor Porter: Yes, go on.
Jane Porter: Suddenly, the monkey starts crying.
Professor Porter: Oh, poor thing.
Jane Porter: But, I turn around and there's a whole FLEET OF THEM. An ARMY of monkeys! A huge tree full of monkeys, screaming at me!
[imitates a monkey screaming at him]
Professor Porter: [laughing at her] That's theropithecus baboonus! She's very good at this!
Jane Porter: Terrified! I was terrified! Suddenly, I was swinging, on a vine, in the air! Swinging, in the air!
Professor Porter: With the monkeys!
Jane Porter: I was in the air! And then, I was all surrounded!
Professor Porter: What did you do?
Jane Porter: And, Daddy! They took my boot!
Professor Porter: Your boot - those are the ones I bought you.
Jane Porter: And I was SAVED. I was saved by a flying, wild man in a loincloth.
Professor Porter: Loincloth? Good Lord.
Clayton: What is she talking about?
Professor Porter: I haven't the foggiest idea. Takes after her mother, you know. She came up with stories like that. Not about men in loincloths, of course.

Jane Porter: [after being caught in a tree with Tarzan] Now, you stay away from me. Like a very good wild man.
[Tarzan doesn't listen]
Jane Porter: You stay. I'm warning you... My father won't take kind to you.
[Tarzan is inches from her face]
Jane Porter: Now, that's close ENOUGH.
[Tarzan touches her face]
Jane Porter: How dare you...
[Tarzan grabs her hand, as she tries to smack him, and he notices a tear in the tip of the finger of her glove. He stares and pulls off her glove and stares at her hand. He then puts his hand next to hers to show that he's human, too. He puts his head on her chest to hear her heartbeat. Once he hears it, he pulls her head to his chest so she can hear his heartbeat]
Jane Porter: Oh, dear. Oh, dear, oh, dear, OH, dear! Mmm. Yes, thank you.
[pulls away from Tarzan's chest]
Jane Porter: It's a lovely heartbeat. It's very nice.
Tarzan: [imitating Jane] It's very nice.
Jane Porter: [thinking as though he's talking about her hair] Oh, thank you. I can't do a thing with it in this humidity and - you do speak? And all this time I thought you were this big, wild, quiet, silent, person-thing! Hmm! And why didn't you tell me? I mean, I must say I'm rather curious of who you are. I'd love to-
[Tarzan shuts her mouth with his fingers]
Tarzan: [grunts and points to himself] Tarzan.
[Jane looks confused]
Tarzan: Tar-zan!
Jane Porter: Tar-zan?
[Tarzan grunts happily]
Jane Porter: Oh, I see!
Tarzan: [points to self] Tarzan.
[points to Jane]
Tarzan: Oh, I see.
Jane Porter: No, no, no. No. Amph. I'm Jane.
Tarzan: [mimiking her tone and gestures] No, no, no. No. Amph. I'm Jane.
Jane Porter: No, no. Jane. Tarzan. Jane.
Tarzan: [points to Jane] Jane.
Jane Porter: Exactly.

Jane Porter: [seeing Kala locked in a cage] Don't worry, I'm going to have you out of this in a second.
[a thug walks up behind her and is about to brain her with a crowbar, until Tarzan drops down on him and grabs the crowbar away]
Jane Porter: Right, this should do the trick.
[She frees Kala with the crowbar]

Jane Porter: [telling her father about Tarzan] The point is, think about what we could learn from him. We must find him.
Clayton: [frustrated] Professor! You're here to find gorillas. Not indulge some girlish fantasy!
Jane Porter: [also frustrated] Fantasy? I didn't imagine him! Tarzan is...
[Tarzan suddenly appears right between them. Clayton gasps in surprise and Jane smiles]
Jane Porter: Real.

Tarzan and His Mate (1934)
[Tarzan awakens Jane by blowing lightly in her face]
Jane Parker: Tarzan, you're a bad boy.
Tarzan: Good morning, I love you.
Jane Parker: Good morning, I love you. You never forget, do you, Tarzan?
Tarzan: Never forget... I love you.
Jane Parker: Love who?
Tarzan: Love you.
Jane Parker: [shakes her head] M-mm! Love who?
Tarzan: Love Jane.
Jane Parker: Love... my...
Tarzan: My... wife. My wife!
Jane Parker: Oh, Tarzan!
[She giggles as he nibbles her neck]
Jane Parker: Go on now, lazy bones. Go and get my fruit juice. Go on.
[Tarzan reaches over and hands her her cup]
Jane Parker: Ooo, you've been out shopping early, huh? Or did you spend the night at the club? Now, you can't get around me like that. Are you sure there isn't another woman?
Tarzan: [points at Jane] Woman.
[points to himself]
Tarzan: Man.
Jane Parker: That's the way it should be, Tarzan.
[They kiss]
Tarzan: I love you. Happy.

Martin Arlington: But he's got to understand. Every penny we've got in the world is tied up in this.
Jane Parker: Tarzan knows nothing about money. That wouldn't mean anything to him.
Harry Holt: Well, what's the harm? They're all dead.
[referring to the elephants in the Elephants Graveyard]
Jane Parker: It's as though somebody asked you to rob a graveyard back home.
Martin Arlington: But these are animals. They're not humans. This is different.
Jane Parker: Not to him.

Jane Parker: I belong with him.

[last lines]
Tarzan: [points to wrist] Always gone.
Jane Parker: No dear, always is just beginning, for you and me.

Jane Parker: The best weapon a woman has is a man's imagination.

Jane Parker: Throw that down to me, Cheeta. Cheeta. Give that to me! Oh, Cheeta, that isn't funny. Throw it down to me Cheeta. Throw it down! Cheeta, can't you see I've got nothing on. Cheeta, give it. Give it to me. Give it to me! Give it... that's a good monkey.

Jane Parker: You want me to go back, don't you?
Harry Holt: You must go back, Jane.
Jane Parker: Why?
Harry Holt: You can't stay here. Supposing anything happened to him. You couldn't live.
Jane Parker: I don't think I'd want to.
Harry Holt: That's nonsense. Suppose he were to die.
Jane Parker: Why should he?
Harry Holt: Anything can happen in this place, Jane. Where would you be then?
Jane Parker: Where would he be if I went back?
Harry Holt: Well... well, let him come along, too.
Jane Parker: Tarzan over there? Then he would die.

Martin Arlington: You know, you're the first woman I ever had to coax into an evening gown.
Jane Parker: I imagine that isn't your usual practice.
Martin Arlington: Well, everything seems to go by opposites here. I believe I have this dance, Lady Jane.
Jane Parker: Oh yes!
[They begin to dance]
Jane Parker: You know, I really promised this dance to the duke of Riverbottom, but as the old fogey isn't here, we'll let him wait.
Martin Arlington: Thank you. You know, you're a fascinating little savage.
Jane Parker: Hmm?
[Martin forcibly kisses Jane. She pulls away, horrified]
Martin Arlington: Forgive me, please. I forgot myself. You're... you're so lovely.
Jane Parker: I blame myself as much as you.
Martin Arlington: Please don't.
Jane Parker: Oh, we'll forget about it, if you'll remember that there's only one man that means anything to me. And that's Tarzan.

Jane Parker: [ties a pocket watch around Tarzan's wrist] This was my father's. I want you to wear it... always.
Tarzan: Always.

Tarzan: [Awakens Jane by blowing lightly in her face] 'Morning. I love you.
Jane Parker: Good morning. I love you.
Tarzan: [Holds up wrist with the pocket watch] Always.
Jane Parker: Yes, darling. Always.

Jane Parker: He... he can't be... gone.
Martin Arlington: Jane, you must face facts. They're cruel, but you must.
Jane Parker: Why, he's fought a hundred crocodiles!
Martin Arlington: He didn't see it. I shouted. He turned, but there was nothing he could do.
Jane Parker: He might have got away.
Martin Arlington: Jane, you've got to look after yourself.
Jane Parker: [runs to Harry] Did you find any... any... any...
Harry Holt: Sorry.
Jane Parker: But there must be some traces. Even if he were... were...
Jane Parker: [a native man finds the pocket watch in the river]
Jane Parker: [grimly takes the watch] He said... always!
Jane Parker: [Martin starts to lead Jane away]
Jane Parker: Wait.
[She turns and drops the pocket watch into the river]
Jane Parker: Take me away.

Tarzan the Ape Man (1932)
Jane Parker: Thank you for protecting me.
Tarzan: Me?
Jane Parker: I said, thank you for protecting me.
Tarzan: [points at Jane] Me?
Jane Parker: No. I'm only "Me" for me.
Tarzan: [points at Jane] Me.
Jane Parker: No. To you, I'm "You."
Tarzan: [points at himself] You.
Jane Parker: No...
[Thinks for a second]
Jane Parker: I'm Jane Parker. Understand? Jane, Jane.
Tarzan: [points at Jane] Jane, Jane.
Jane Parker: Yes, Jane. And you?
[Tarzan stares]
Jane Parker: [points at herself] Jane.
Tarzan: Jane.
Jane Parker: [points at Tarzan] And you?
Tarzan: Tarzan. Tarzan.
Jane Parker: Tarzan...

James Parker: [James, Jane's father, starts to leave when she starts to undress] Yes, well, I-I-I-I I think I better be...
Jane Parker: Darling, don't be silly and embarrassed by me! Why, you bathed me some times and you spanked me too! Several times.
James Parker: Rarely, dearly.
Jane Parker: No, preferably, if you actually had. I wouldn't be so obstinate. And I am! Very obstinate.

Harry Holt: Can you shoot?
Jane Parker: Like an angel.

[Tarzan has mischievously pulled Jane into a lake]
Jane Parker: That wasn't a bit charming! You're just like a nasty little boy!
Tarzan: Boy?
Jane Parker: Yes!
[Tarzan playfully dunks her under the water]
Jane Parker: Oh Tarzan! Please let me go!
Tarzan: Go?
Jane Parker: Yes! Go!
[Tarzan dunks her under the water again]
Tarzan: Go?
Jane Parker: Yes! No! Oh Tarzan! Let me go! Tarzan, don't!
Tarzan: Don't?
Jane Parker: Don't!
[Tarzan dunks her under the water again]
Jane Parker: I didn't say dunk! I said, don't!
Tarzan: Don't!
Jane Parker: Tarzan, don't!
[pats his cheek]
Jane Parker: Nice, Tarzan. Nice, Tarzan.
Tarzan: Jane?

Jane Parker: What color are your eyes? Yes, I know, the color of the forest. Gray-green. I wonder what you'd look like dressed. Pretty good! You'd be a great success in London. And I believe you'd love it.
Tarzan: Love it?
Jane Parker: Or would you? Women are such fools. They'd spoil you.
Tarzan: Boy!
Jane Parker: I don't think you'd better look at me like that. You're awfully attractive. I love saying things to a man who can't understand. You don't even know what kisses are.
Tarzan: Love it!
Jane Parker: I dare say you would.

Jane Parker: Where are my boots?
[Tarzan is sitting on them so she can't leave]
Jane Parker: [tries to push him off] I do wish you wouldn't be so playful! Give me those boots! Tarzan, please give me those boots!
[Tarzan abruptly grabs her foot, making her fall]
Jane Parker: Tarzan, let go! Let go of my foot! That hurt me!
Tarzan: Hurt me? Hurt me?
Jane Parker: Oh, don't be so funny. Now, let go!
[Tarzan inspects her foot]
Jane Parker: Alright. When you're quite finished, I'll put my boots on.
[Tarzan brushes the sole of her foot, causing her to squirm]
Jane Parker: Tarzan, you're tickling! Stop!
Tarzan: Love it?
Jane Parker: No such thing.
Tarzan: [Tarzan lets go of her foot and touches her face with the palm of his hand] Jane.
Jane Parker: [Jane touches his face with the palm of her hand] You can't get around me like that.
[Tarzan grabs her hand and compares it to his own]
Jane Parker: Yes, there's quite a difference, isn't there? You like that difference? You've never seen anyone like me before, have you?

Jane Parker: Tarzan, where are you going? Don't go.
[Tarzan picks up Jane]
Jane Parker: Oh, Tarzan, please.

Jane Parker: Tarzan, what am I doing here, alone with you? Perhaps I better not think too much about that. Just to be here, be happy, and I am happy. Not a bit afraid. Not a bit sorry. Oh, Tarzan, I wish I could make you understand. Perhaps I can, gradually. Come here.
[Puts her arms around Tarzan]
Jane Parker: What are we going to do about us?
Tarzan: Us?
Jane Parker: You and I?
Tarzan: You and I.
Jane Parker: [laughs] Darling, you got that right.
Tarzan: [recites all of the words that he has learned] Tarzan. Jane. Hurt me. Boy. Love it. Jane.
Jane Parker: Darling, that's quite a sentence.

Jane Parker: Tarzan! Don't go! Come with us. We'll all go back together. Tarzan. Tarzan! Tarzan.
James Parker: Jane, dear, you belong to us and he brought you back. Now, you must let him go. He belongs to the jungle.
Jane Parker: Not now, he belongs to me.

Jane Parker: Are these - pygmies?
Harry Holt: No, they're dwarfs.

Tarzan's Secret Treasure (1941)
Jane: You mustn't be angry with him, dear. He realizes so little yet.
Tarzan: Boy good. People bad.
Jane: We mustn't blame them for wanting gold. In the outside world, gold means as much to them as the strength in your arms means to you.
Tarzan: People nowrashima. Fools!
Jane: Not all of them. But none of them have what we have.
Tarzan: Tarzan have Jane.
Jane: They'll be gone tomorrow and we'll be alone again. Wonderfully alone as we've always been. Has it seemed a long time, Tarzan?
Tarzan: Sun make one safari for Jane Tarzan.
Jane: Oh Tarzan! A poet couldn't have said that more beautifully!

[last lines]
Jane: He'll never tell where his riches came from. You can be sure of that.
Tarzan: Tarzan sure.

Tarzan: Jane like Tarzan?
Jane: What woman wouldn't like a husband who brings her orchids?
Boy: There's a whole valley of orchids just across the river.
Jane: I know, darling, but out in civilization, they don't grow that way. You have to be very rich to have them. You don't realize what a very wealthy man your father is.
Boy: Who? Tarzan?
Jane: Yes. He has everything any man could want. Everything.
Tarzan: [sweeps Jane into his arms] Tarzan have Jane!

Jane: How do you do, Mr. O'Doul?
O'Doul: I'm doing better, ma'am, thanks to your charming presence.
Tarzan: O'Doul good little man. Like Cheeta.
O'Doul: Ah, now don't be comparin' me with him, Mr. Tarzan. If this here heathen resembles anybody, it's me wife's second brother, Marcus V. O'Connell.

Jane: My, the water's beautiful tonight!
Tarzan: Not water. Jane!
Jane: Mr. Tarzan, as nice little Mr. O'Doul would say, 'tis blarney you're giving me.
Tarzan: Blarney?
Jane: We call it love, darling. Do you remember when we first used to swim here?
Tarzan: Tarzan remember.
Jane: To think that I was ever frightened of you. You know, Tarzan, when a man meets a young lady in the outside world, he doesn't dare behave not one bit like you did.
Tarzan: What man do?
Jane: Well, they shake hands, that is, if she offers him her hand. Then he bows from the hips and asks permission to call. And then if she's of age, he takes her to some parties or theater or somewhere to dine. And then, if he decides he wants her for his wife, he goes to see her father.
Tarzan: Why? What do with father?
Jane: To ask him his permission to marry his daughter.
Tarzan: Why?
Jane: That's the way it's done. Politely. With etiquette.
Tarzan: Too much talk. Tarzan way better.

"Tarzan: Pilot (#1.1)" (2003)
Jane Porter: We have to get you home.
Tarzan: No.
Jane Porter: Everybody thinks you're dead. This is your chance.
Tarzan: No. I don't belong there.
Jane Porter: What do you mean?
Tarzan: I belong with you.

[Jane walks in to find Richard shooting baskets on a small basketball court]
Detective Jane Porter: Well. This is quite a set-up you have here, Mr. Clayton.
Richard Clayton: Yeah, well, I won't make the Knicks without practice.

Detective Jane Porter: How about those dishes from last night?
Nicki Porter: I move away from Mom, only to move in with Mom, the sequel. Wish I lived in the dorms.
Detective Jane Porter: You can live in the dorms. Just get two jobs and work your way through school like I did.

John Clayton: I am glad I am here.
Detective Jane Porter: What? How can you say that after everything you've been through?
John Clayton: Because I found you.

Detective Jane Porter: How did you get out in the first place? How did you find me? Are you some kind of bloodhound or something?
John Clayton: I hunt. I hunted for you.
Detective Jane Porter: Why?
John Clayton: What are you called?
Detective Jane Porter: My name? Jane... Porter.
John Clayton: Jane... Porter. I am Tarzan.
Detective Jane Porter: Uh, I thought your name was John.
John Clayton: [looking up at Greystoke] He calls me John.

"Tarzan: The End of the Beginning (#1.8)" (2003)
John Clayton: Jane. Thank you.
Detective Jane Porter: You're welcome... Tarzan.

John Clayton: Your rules don't work.
Detective Jane Porter: I'm not asking you to trust my rules, I'm not asking you to trust my laws, I'm asking you to trust me.

Detective Jane Porter: Ms. Clayton, I can't thank you enough.
Kathleen Clayton: For what?
Detective Jane Porter: Posting my bail. You didn't have to do that.
Kathleen Clayton: Come on, we're partners in crime. You aided, I abetted.

John Clayton: I move fast.
Detective Jane Porter: I move fast. You move ridiculously fast. You should consider a career in pro sports.

Tarzan's New York Adventure (1942)
[first lines]
Boy: Cheetah! What is it?
Jane: Cheetah must be seeing things. What is it, Tarzan? What is it?
Tarzan: Uguna. Strange sound in sky. Big. Far off.
Jane: I don't hear anything.
Tarzan: Tarzan hear. Cheetah hear. Elephant hear.
Boy: Now I hear it. Like a great wind coming.

Jane: We are going into places where men's minds are tangled worse that the worst underbrush in the jungle, and I'm afraid. More afraid than I've ever been in my life. Everywhere we'll be met with lies and deceit. Your honesty and directness will only be handicaps.

Tarzan: [inside the smoke-filled Club Moonbeam in New York] Smell like a Swahili swamp. Why people stay?
Jane: It's what they call having a good time.

Tarzan: Boy little Tarzan.
Jane: And I want him to grow up to be a big Tarzan.
Tarzan: Tarzan watch Boy.
Jane: I know you will. I know I shouldn't worry. I know there's no need to worry as long as you're with me. At first, I used to have so many little fears for myself, for Boy. But one by one, you've chased them all away. Wouldn't it be strange if someday I became as brave as you are?
Tarzan: Jane no need to be brave. Jane beautiful. Jane good.
Jane: You are my goodness, darling. My strength.
Tarzan: [pointing] Jane. Tarzan. Tarzan. Jane.

Tarzan Finds a Son! (1939)
Jane: What's the matter?
Tarzan: People!

Jane: [to baby Boy] Now see that you turn on the charm, because I don't think Tarzan approves of strange young men.
[Tarzan has built a rocking cradle]
Jane: Oh Tarzan, how clever!
[to baby Boy]
Jane: Now say 'Thank you, Father! Thank you, Father!'
Tarzan: Tarzan!
Jane: [places baby Boy in the cradle] Isn't he adorable? Um Tarzan, would you watch him for a minute?
Tarzan: [confused] Watch?
Jane: Yes, I have something to do in the kitchen. Would you hold his bottle and see he doesn't choke?
Tarzan: Him no choke!
[Tarzan gives baby Boy his bottle. Boy grabs onto Tarzan's finger]
Tarzan: Jane! Jane!
Jane: What is it, Tarzan?
[walks to the cradle]
Jane: Oh look, he knows you already! He's laughing at you.
Tarzan: Baby hold!
Jane: That's right! Hold him, baby!
Tarzan: Baby strong!
Jane: Tarzan, he's been with us more than a week now. We've got to find him a name.
Tarzan: Name?
Jane: Yes, like Tarzan, Jane, Cheeta. Baby's got to have a name, too. If the Zambilis hadn't taken those men out of the plane, we might have found a clue to his real name.
Tarzan: Baby strong. Call Elephant!
Jane: [laughs] Elephant? With a little nose like that?
Tarzan: Later call Elephant. Now call Boy!
Jane: Oh, but that's not a name.
Tarzan: Boy!
Jane: Well, after all, I am his mother.
Tarzan: Tarzan father! Call boy!
Jane: [picks up baby Boy and hands him to Tarzan] Then go to your father, Boy. And later on, he'll teach you all the things you'll ever need to know in the jungle. Then look out all you lions and tigers and snakes and crocodiles and cannibals out there in the jungle! The king has a son!

[last lines]
Tarzan: Jane not go! Jane not die!
Tarzan: Jane all right?
Jane: Yes Darling. Everything's all right now.

The Legend of Tarzan (2016)
Jane Porter: [explaining to George as the village sings around the campfire] They are singing the legend of Tarzan. For many moons he was thought to be an evil spirit - a ghost in the trees. They speak of his power over the animals of the jungle. Because his spirit came from them. He understood them. And learned to conquer them. His ape mother, Kala, loved him as her own. And his ape brother, Akut, treated him with kindness and respect. He considered all men to be his enemies, since other tribes would hunt his troop as a rite of passage. Chief Muviro knew what he was. You must get to him. Since no man ever started with less.

Leon Rom: [about chief Mbonga's vengeance] What did Tarzan do?
Jane Porter: He killed his only son.
Leon Rom: Oh.
Jane Porter: Mm. And get ready, because that is nothing compare to what he will do to you.
Leon Rom: Your husband's wildness disturbs me more than I can easily express. Whereas your spirit...

Jane Porter: [narrating] They are singing the legend of Tarzan. For many moons he was thought to be an evil spirit - a ghost in the trees. They speak of his power over the animals of the jungle. Because his spirit came from them. He understood them. And learned to be as one with them.

Tarzan the Ape Man (1981)
Parker: Jane, do you know what he wants? What this ape wants?
Jane: He's not an ape!
Parker: He is an ape. He lives like an ape, he kills like an ape. But do you understand what he wants?
Jane: You know everything...
Parker: Well, this ape son of a bitch wants you.
Parker: I'm gonna catch that animal son of a bitch, Mr Holt!

Jane: Don't you know how to smile? Do you know you're more beautiful than any girl I know? Oh, you're a lot more.

Tarzan Escapes (1936)
Eric: We'll lose a lot of money if Jane doesn't help us.
Tarzan: Money?
Rita: Yes, money - you know, to get clothes and food and ...
Tarzan: Food, clothes, money?
Eric: No, Tarzan, you don't understand. Money isn't that, it's ...
Jane: Of course he doesn't understand. I hope he never does!

Tarzan: [sees that Jane has been crying] Jane no happy?
Jane: How shall I tell you, darling? I love Tarzan. Tarzan is Jane's love. Like the stars over the night. Like the air to breathe. Tarzan makes me alive. But Eric and Rita are my friends. Friends. Like rain at the end of the summer. Like the wind moving the tops of the jungle. I'm yours. You are mine. But I must help Rita. She's my friend. Friend. As Tarzan is Cheeta's friend to help her when she was in the trap.
Tarzan: Trap?
Jane: Yes, trap.
Tarzan: Leguna?
Jane: No darling, not a real trap. Just as strong. Just as horrible.
Tarzan: Jane want go?
Jane: Don't you remember how you went when Timba was in the pit the tribes had dug?
Tarzan: Jane want go?
Jane: Tarzan, believe me. When the moon has made safari three times - three times - and when she comes out of the river, big and round, and looks in on us here, she'll find us as we are now. Together. And my safari will be over forever. And I will never go away again.

Kingdom Hearts (2002) (VG)
Tarzan: Jane!
Jane Porter: Tarzan! Oh, and who is this?
Sora: Uh, hi there. I'm...
Jane Porter: Oh, you speak English! So, then, obviously, you're not related to Tarzan... Are you here to study the gorillas?
Clayton: Highly doubtful.

Tarzan and the Slave Girl (1950)
Lola: [callling for Tarzan] Tarzan!
Tarzan: Lola call.
Jane: When Lola call, Tarzan run.
Tarzan: Jane run, too.
Jane: [jealous] Yeah, Jane run, too!

Tarzan and the Leopard Woman (1946)
Jane: Kimba, we'd like for you to stay with us until you feel strong enough to go home.
Kimba: Kimba thanks kind lady with golden hair.

"Tarzan: Surrender (#1.6)" (2003)
Kathleen Clayton: Hello, Jane.
Officer Jane Porter: Have you seen John?
Kathleen Clayton: Yeah, I have.
Officer Jane Porter: All right, where is he?
Kathleen Clayton: At the airstrip in Lindenhurst. I'm sending him back.
Officer Jane Porter: Back where?
Kathleen Clayton: Took a bit of doing, but one of my jets is taking him as far as Brazzaville. It's in the Republic of Congo. He'll make the rest of the way on his own.
Officer Jane Porter: What?
Kathleen Clayton: He's going home.

Tarzan and the Huntress (1947)
Tarzan: What Jane dream about?
Jane: Just thinking about all the happy years we've spent in the jungle together.
Boy: Tarzan, weren't you ever lonesome living alone in the jungle before you met Jane?
Tarzan: No. Lots of animal friends in jungle. Jungle much more peaceful before woman come.
Jane: Well, I like that!

"Tarzan: Rules of Engagement (#1.4)" (2003)
Jane Porter: I wish I could see things as clearly as you do.
John Clayton/Tarzan: So do I.

Tarzan in Manhattan (1989) (TV)
Archimedes Porter: And that's all you know about this current weirdo?
Jane Porter: He's not a current weirdo
Tarzan: Ah, I see. He's just ah, Tarzan of the Apes? Who escaped from a detention center and is looking for his lost chimp, Chiquita?
Jane Porter, Tarzan: Cheetah
Archimedes Porter: I see. Jane, look, I never interfere in your personal life, do I?
Jane Porter: Since when?
Archimedes Porter: Yeah but I'm telling you - this guy is a loser
Archimedes Porter: Hey, come here for a minute. You got twenty four hours to get out of town. That's it
Archimedes Porter: No Wait, no Dad you can't do that
Archimedes Porter: Why can't I do that? I run a business, a security business. I could lose my license. This guy is a fugitive from justice. And also a nutcase.
Archimedes Porter: I gotta go. It was great coffee. Pleasure meeting you. Get outta my daughter's life. And put on some clothes.

Tarzan's Fight for Life (1958)
Jane: Listen to the sounds of the jungle. Aren't they wonderful?

Tarzan and the Amazons (1945)
Jane: What right do you have to sit in judgement on men who are trying to help the world?