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Quotes for
Tommy (Character)
from The Karate Kid (1984)

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The Karate Kid (1984)
[Daniel is riding across a steep hill on his bike at night - suddenly he is accosted by Johnny, Tommy, Bobby, Dutch and Jimmy on their motorcycles]
Dutch: Looking for a shortcut back to Newark, Daniel?
Tommy: I THINK he wants to learn KARATE! Right?
Johnny Lawrence: Yeah! Okay, here's your first lesson: how to take a FALL!
[He sideswipes Daniel, knocking him over the edge and down the embankment. Daniel just lies there]

Tommy: Must be take a worm for a walk week.

Tommy: Get him a body bag! Yeah!

Johnny Lawrence: [to Daniel as he's getting beaten by the Cobra Kai's after the Halloween Dance] You couldn't leave well enough alone, could you, little twerp? No, you had to push it. Well, now you're gonna pay!
Dutch: [as Daniel tries to flee] Where you going, sweetheart?
Bobby: [Dutch props Daniel up in front of Johnny] Give him a front kick, Johnny!
Johnny Lawrence: [Johnny does so twice,knocking Daniel against the fence and to the ground] Get him up!
Bobby: Leave him alone, man... he's had enough.
Dutch: Shut up, Bobby!
Bobby: Look at him, Dutch! He can't even stand up!
Tommy: So what?
Dutch: That don't mean squat!
Bobby: Johnny... leave him alone, man! He's had enough!
Johnny Lawrence: [screaming with rage] I'll decide when he's had enough, man!
Bobby: What is wrong with you, Johnny?
Johnny Lawrence: An enemy deserves no mercy!
Dutch: Right!
Johnny Lawrence: Right?
Dutch: Right!
Bobby: You're crazy, man!
Johnny Lawrence: [Miyagi intervenes and pushes Daniel out of the way as Johnny strikes] Tommy, Bobby... get him!
[Miyagi knocks all four Cobra Kais out]

The Karate Kid Part II (1986)
Johnny: [Kreese and Johnny are arguing in the parking lot after the All-Valley Tournament] Come on, that's not fair! I got second place!
John Kreese: Second place? Second place is no place! You're off the team!
Johnny: That sucks! I did my best!
John Kreese: What?
Johnny: I said I did my best!
John Kreese: You're nothing! You lost! You're a loser!
Johnny: No, YOU'RE the loser, man!
John Kreese: Oh I'm the loser huh?
[grabs trophy from Johnny and breaks it, sending pieces flying]
John Kreese: Now who's the loser?
Johnny: You know, you're really sick man!
John Kreese: [grabs and puts Johnny in choke hold... Bobby runs up but Kreese swats him away] How does second place feel now?
Tommy: Come on, he can't breathe!
Bobby: Sensei, please... you're hurting him! He's sorry, he really is, OK?
Mr. Miyagi: [walking up to Kreese] Let him go.
Tommy: Yeah, Mr. Miyagi's right! Let him go!
[Kreese backhands Tommy]
John Kreese: [hissing] Beat it, slope... or you're NEXT!
Mr. Miyagi: I say, LET HIM GO!
John Kreese: [breaks hold and frees a gasping Johnny... Kreese strikes at Miyagi twice, breaking both hands in the process by slamming his fists through two car windows... Miyagi forces Kreese to his knees]
Mr. Miyagi: "Mercy is for the weak... when man confronts you, he is enemy...
[Kreese is staring fearfully at Miyagi, remembering his own words]
Mr. Miyagi: ...enemy deserve no mercy.
[Growls and brings fist to Kreese's nose, but honks it instead of delivering a fatal blow]