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Boss Paulie Pintero (Character)
from Enemy of the State (1998)

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Enemy of the State (1998)
Thomas Reynolds: What will it take for us to walk out of here with that video tape?
Pintero: The end of the world.

Pintero: [to Dean, after he has just finished trying to blackmail him with incriminating evidence] Listen to me, I want to know who made that videotape, and I want to know within a week... or I'll kill you.

Robert Clayton Dean: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Listen. Now, we can go get a warrant and come back with the FBI, take anything we want, arrest anybody that we want. Just give the man the video tape!
Pintero: Hey, the only one who's gonna get arrested here is YOU, for felonious COCK sucking with an attempt to swallow the evidence. So SHUT your mouth!

Pintero: The only person under arrest here is you! For felonious cock-sucking and attempting to swallow the evidence!

Pintero: Now listen to me, you fuckin' eggplant, this videotape may save your clients's asses. But you can be goddamn sure it ain't gonna save yours. Now who made the fuckin' videotape?
Robert Clayton Dean: I don't know.
Pintero: [shrugging and raising his arms up] How'd you get it?
Robert Clayton Dean: Through an acquaintance.