Professor Utonium
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Professor Utonium (Character)
from "The Powerpuff Girls" (1998)

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The Powerpuff Girls Movie (2002)
Professor Utonium: ...and I'll name you Buttercup, because... it also begins with a b!

Professor Utonium: Girls! You've come...
Mojo Jojo: Quiet! I was afraid of this. They have returned and figured out what their powers can really do. Come. You will make a good power-proof vest.

Professor Utonium: Oh, girls, thank goodness you're okay! Now let's get out of this town and find a new safe place to live!
Buttercup: It's no use, Professor.
Bubbles: We already tried running away!
Blossom: We have to fix the problem we helped start. You said to give everyone a little time to understand our specialness. Well now it's time for everyone to understand. Especially Mojo!
[the girls zip off to save the day]

"The Powerpuff Girls: Lying Around the House/Bubble Boy (#5.11)" (2004)
Professor Utonium: Bubbles!
Bubbles: Yes, Professor?
Professor Utonium: What is this?
Bubbles: That's a ficus.
Professor Utonium: Not the plant. This.
[points to wall]
Professor Utonium: Are you responsible for this?
Bubbles: Um, well, I'm sure to the untrained eye, this drawing may seem like one of mine. But if you look closer, you'll see it's an obvious attempt at pseudo-impressionism, while I deal strictly in realism. Bye!

Professor Utonium: I'm sorry you had to eat a cockroach.
Bubbles: That's okay. It tasted like chicken.

"The Powerpuff Girls: Paste Makes Waste/Ice Sore (#1.8)" (1999)
Professor Utonium: All three of you also have unique powers like Bubbles being able to speak Spanish
Bubbles: Si!

Professor: Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go thaw.

"The Powerpuff Girls: Sun Scream/The City of Frownsville (#6.5)" (2004)
Buttercup: What's happening?
Bubbles: We're breaking!
Professor Utonium: No you're not. You're just pealing.
Mayor: You mean "unappealing"! THAT'S unappealing.

Professor Utonium: Crying is easy, girls. Comedy is hard.

"The Powerpuff Girls: Criss Cross Crisis (#3.3)" (2000)
[a failed experiment on Prof. Utonium's part causes everyone in Townsville to switch bodies]
Mayor: [in Bubbles' body] Help! We have an emergency situation here!
Professor Utonium: [in Buttercup's body] We know, Mayor, we've swapped bodies.
Mayor: [in Bubbles' body] No, no, no! I've got a run in my stocking.

"The Powerpuff Girls: Moral Decay/Meet the Beat-Alls (#3.12)" (2001)
[after giving Buttercup a dollar]
Professor Utonium: Buttercup, what do you say?
Buttercup: What? What CAN I say? Thank you isn't enough to express my gratitude. This is the first piece of currency I've ever owned and it's ALL MINE, to do with whatever I WANT. I've never had this feeling before.
Professor Utonium: Well, I'm glad you like it.
Buttercup: Like it? I LOVE IT. The feel, the smell, the taste, the POWER. I now understand why Mojo's always robbing banks.

"The Powerpuff Girls: Makes Zen to Me/Say Uncle (#5.16)" (2004)
Professor Utonium: I'll be coming on the last train to Clarksville.

"The Powerpuff Girls: Keen on Keane/Not So Awesome Blossom (#5.1)" (2002)
Blossom: [sadly] I just cause nothing but problems. I guess I'm not needed here anymore.
[Puts a note on a door and walks away]
Professor Utonium: Oh! A note!
Professor Utonium: "Professor, I have run away... "
Blossom: [in voice over] I'm afraid I had to stay and just cause nothing and make everyone unhappy. I need to find a way to serve people and do good.
Professor Utonium: "Love Blossom." Oh no!
[Looks at the other note]
Professor Utonium: What's this?
Mojo Jojo: [in voice over] Professor: Please disregard first note. I have Blossom. Come alone to my lair. Do not bring Buttercup or Bubbles. You must come without them! When you arrive, you must not be accompanied by anyone, especially Buttercup and Bubbles; they are to remain uninformed by you by not telling them anything. Remember, Mojo know you no fool, so come alone without Buttercup or Bubbles, by yourself, with no one with you, alone, yourself. Mojo.

"The Powerpuff Girls: Insect Inside/Powerpuff Bluff (#1.2)" (1998)
Professor Utonium: Don't just harm an insect just because it's yucky on the outside. It's the insect inside that counts.

"The Powerpuff Girls: Mo' Linguish/Oops, I Did It Again (#5.18)" (2004)
Professor Utonium: Girls! It's really you! Oh, you're floating, you have big eyes, no fingers, and superpowers!
Buttercup: Yep, he finally cracked.

"The Powerpuff Girls: That's Not My Baby!/Simian Says (#6.4)" (2004)
Mojo Jojo: And each of the girls gave the Professor a swift kick.
[the girls do so]
Mojo Jojo: Why? Because I don't like him. Not one bit!
Professor Utonium: Maybe I should encurve their sugar intake.

"The Powerpuff Girls: The Rowdyruff Boys (#1.12)" (1999)
Mojo Jojo: Hello, may I speak to Professor Utonium?
Bubbles: Who shall I say is calling?
Mojo Jojo: Oh, no one he'd know, just a curious stranger.
Professor Utonium: Hello, Mr. Stranger. What can I do for you?

"The Powerpuff Girls: A Made Up Story (#5.19)" (2004)
Buttercup: Have you made any progress?
Professor Utonium: Girls, check this out. I've invented a DNA-based, vector-sensitive, target-seeking computer virus, which if remotely uploaded to the target individual's communications peripherals, will directly enter their sensory system, causing the individual to cluck uncontrollably, like a chicken; develop incurable rashes - with or without excess body hair; hideous screaming follows, and finally - ha ha! Total meltdown!
Bubbles: Um, that's cool, but will it help us catch Mask Scara?
Professor Utonium: Well, no.

"The Powerpuff Girls: Little Miss Interprets/Night Mayor (#6.1)" (2004)
Professor Utonium: Oh, I knew this would happen. My first attempts always turn out to be disasters. Blossom is all crusty, Buttercup is hardly perfect, and Bubbles - ugh! Just horrible.

"The Powerpuff Girls: A Very Special Blossom/Daylight Savings (#2.7)" (1999)
Professor Utonium: Well, you see, Miss Kean, the girls are superheroes, and saving the world is a big responsibility.
Miss Kean: Yes, but education is a bigger responsibility.
Professor Utonium: That am true ma'am.

"The Powerpuff Girls: Burglar Alarmed/Shotgun Wedding (#5.5)" (2003)
Professor Utonium: Final analysis: Lumpkins, above all things, are stupid. On a side note, never speak of this incident again.
Bubbles: Boy, a few more seconds, and Fuzzy would have been our mom.
Buttercup: You mean our dad.
Blossom: Yeah, and Professor would have been our mom.
Professor Utonium: I said, never speak of it again!

"The Powerpuff Girls: The Powerpuff Girls' Best Rainy Day Adventure Ever/Just Desserts (#2.10)" (2000)
Professor Utonium: Girls, girls! Will someone please tell me what's going on?
[All three start talking at once. After several seconds he cuts them off]
Professor Utonium: One at a time, one at a time! Bubbles?
Bubbles: We were playing the Powerpuff Girls and Buttercup was a monster and I played the Mayor and Blossom was Ms. Bellum. Then Buttercup wanted to pretend she was Blossom, but Blossom wanted to be Blossom, and I wanted to be Bubbles, but they told me I couldn't. And no one wants to be me!

"The Powerpuff Girls: Dream Scheme/You Snooze, You Lose (#2.5)" (1999)
Professor Utonium: Not buts! I mean it!
Bubbles: Anybody want a peanut?

The Powerpuff Girls: 'Twas the Fight Before Christmas (2003) (V)
Professor Utonium: I can make three little kids out of seasonings, but I can't get these lights to work.

"The Powerpuff Girls: Powerprof. (#3.11)" (2001)
Professor Utonium: My little Bubbles. You'd never guess that only a few months ago she had a bed-wetting problem.