Chris Griffin
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Biography for
Chris Griffin (Character)
from "Family Guy" (1999)

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Christopher Cross "Chris" Griffin is the middle child of the Griffin family. His parents are Peter and Lois and his siblings are older sister, Meg and younger brother, Stewie. He lives in Quahog, Rhode Island and attends James Woods Regional High School. Chris griffin was born on February 8 1985 to peter and lois griffin. Chris deals with the usual problems all teenage boys go through; girls, acne and school. He's been known to be quite self-concious about himself, especially his weight. Chris isn't the smartest member of the family but he does prove to be coherent and knowledgable about movies. He's also proven to take drastic measures in order to do better in school, most notably converting to Judaism to do better in math. Like his father he has little common sense. Chris enjoys drawing and once had the chance to become a famous artist but gave it up to be with his family. He's shown to have a good use of American Sign Language. He's also been seen giving Lois and Peter a detailed lecture about the uses and disadvantages of cannabis. When the Griffin family moved to London, England; Chris was shown to adapt to the cultural differences quickly being the only one to learn Cockney English. Chris is also shown to be naive almost to the point of blamelessness.Chris is generally mild-mannered and friendly but can be rude if angered.

It's revealed that Chris was born by accident due to a broken condom. Lois and Peter sued the company and bought the house they currently live in. Lois revealed that she drank and smoked a lot during the pregnancy to incite a miscarraige but chickened out halfway through. Chris is also revealed to have an abnormally large penis which Peter becomes jealous of.

Chris is treated a lot better than Meg but is usually subjected to Peter's thoughtlessness since he regularly rejects him for other children or himself. Peter also accuses Chris of being needy. Chris doesn't seem to mind Meg but excudes an extreme sibling rivalry towards her.

Chris has the closest relationship with his father, Peter. They are shown to like competing with each other although Peter nearly always beats Chris. Chris is shown to be afraid that he doesn't live up to his father's expectations. Chris is sometimes seen to be attracted to his mother. He's shown giving a note to Meg in class saying "Mrs. Griffin is hot." Chris seems to be the only one in the family who knows that Stewie is an evil genius. Despite this, Chris enjoys Stewie's company and is often the guinea pig in Stewie's experiments. Chris is shown to be hostile towards Brian. He's shown calling Brian an 'asshole' on different occasions for no reason and he likes to yell at him. He's also hit him with a chair.

Chris has very little knowledge in the way of sex/relationships. He's convinced that babies come from the Child Welfare Office. Chris is shown to have a developing interest in girls. Chris meets and befriends a person named Sam who later kisses him despite being a boy. Confused by the kiss (although saying it felt good), Sam is revealed to be a girl dressed in guy's clothes. After talking to her, Chris is open about his feelings. He's shown to be nervous and Sam asks him to pretend she's a guy before making out with him. Chris runs away to South America to avoid being a Freshman and makes a whole tribe dance with him. This instigates a marriage with the Chief's daughter, Loka. Connie DiMico, the most popular girl in school, asks Chris out under the premise that she'd worn out her dating days with all the popular boys and was left with the unpopular ones. They became a serious couple although Chris ended the relationship at a house party. Chris also became the object of a subsitute teacher's affections with her even asking him to kill her husband and run away with her. Chris is often harrassed by an elderly paedophile named Herbert. Chris always seems to avoid his advances either unwittingly or acting on instincts.

Chris has been tormented by the Evil Monkey who lives in his closet since the beginning of the series though they are now friends. Chris also has a fear of seniors due to their history of hitting him with paddles.

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