1st Lt. Harry Welsh
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1st Lt. Harry Welsh (Character)
from "Band of Brothers" (2001)

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"Band of Brothers: Carentan (#1.3)" (2001)
Harry Welsh: I want light and noise discipline from now on. That means no talking, no smoking, and no playing grab-fanny with the man in front of you, Luz.

Harry Welsh: Oh, you beautiful babies, you!

SSgt. John Martin: Flash.
Harry Welsh: Thunder.
[referring to Germans singing across the field]
Harry Welsh: Catchy tune, ain't it?
SSgt. John Martin: Hey, Lieutenant. What's the news?
Harry Welsh: Oh, the same as it was this afternoon. They're in their hedgerow. We're in ours.
SSgt. John Martin: Spell me a minute sir.
Harry Welsh: You gonna let Blithe get some sack time?
SSgt. John Martin: My back teeth are floating.
Harry Welsh: Get back here ASAP, Martin.
SSgt. John Martin: You can count on me, sir.
Harry Welsh: How you doing, Blithe?
Pvt. Albert Blithe: I'm okay, sir.
Harry Welsh: What happened at the aid station today?
Pvt. Albert Blithe: Doc Roe, he called it hysterical blindness.
[Welsh offers blithe a drink from his canteen]
Pvt. Albert Blithe: No thank you, sir.
Harry Welsh: You know what they said in basic. Dehydration's a soldier's worst enemy.
[Blithe drinks]
Harry Welsh: It's a game, Blithe. That's all. We're just moving the ball forward one yard at a time. Nothing but a game.
Pvt. Albert Blithe: What is, sir?
Harry Welsh: This. The whole thing.
[offers Blithe another drink]
Pvt. Albert Blithe: No, thank you, sir.
Harry Welsh: Just a game.

Nixon: Harry... what exactly are you doing with your reserve chute? You've been hauling that thing around ever since we jumped.
Harry Welsh: Gonna send it back to Kitty when we get back to England. Silk. Figure it'll make a good wedding dress, you know. What with the rationing and all.
Nixon: [Chuckling] Jeez, Harry, I never would have guessed.
Harry Welsh: What? That I'm so sentimental?
Nixon: No, that you think we're gonna make it back to England.

Maj. Richard D. Winters: Hey, Harry.
Harry Welsh: How's the leg?
Maj. Richard D. Winters: Stiff. Sore. They want me to take it easy for a few days.
Harry Welsh: Yeah, you should.
Maj. Richard D. Winters: Talked to Colonel Sink. He said he appreciated Easy holding the line.
Harry Welsh: Hmmm.
Maj. Richard D. Winters: Said General Taylor was pleased.
Harry Welsh: Well, that's why I came to France. To please General Taylor.
Maj. Richard D. Winters: [sighs] Yeah.

Sgt. George Luz: [during the attack on Carentan] God damn it!
Harry Welsh: Where the fuck is everybody? Where'd everybody go?
Sgt. George Luz: I have no idea!