Pfc. John Janovec
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Pfc. John Janovec (Character)
from "Band of Brothers" (2001)

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"Band of Brothers: Points (#1.10)" (2001)
German MP: France. France was the best.
Pfc. John Janovec: Really?
German MP: Yeah. Five years. I think I was in every country, but France was the best.
[Janovec lights the MP's cigarette for him]
German MP: Italy would be second for me. Russia is not desirable. Ukraine... it was okay.
[he waves a car through the checkpoint]
Pfc. John Janovec: So, uh... when do you get out?
German MP: My unit is discharged. We leave when my captain gets transferred. It is the end of my second war.
Pfc. John Janovec: Jesus!
[a truck of discharged German soldiers pulls up to the checkpoint]
German MP: I'm going home now. Mannheim.
Pfc. John Janovec: I'll take this one.
[he walks up to the truck]
Pfc. John Janovec: [in badly-accented German] Passkarte, Bitte.
[the driver hands over the papers; Janovec examines them]
Pfc. John Janovec: Okay.
[he waves them through, then salutes the Germans in the back of the truck as Webster pulls up in a Jeep]
Pfc. John Janovec: Hey, Webster, my relief!
Pvt. David Kenyon Webster: Don't salute the Germans.
Pfc. John Janovec: Aw, come on, I sorta get a kick out of it. Anyway, I got me a new enemy: Japs. Seventy-five points. How about you, I mean, you're a Toccoa guy, right? How many you got?
Pvt. David Kenyon Webster: Wouldn't you like to know.
[a German on crutches hobbles up to Webster and hands him his papers; Webster examines them]
Pvt. David Kenyon Webster: Discharged, huh?
[Janovec tries to look at the papers]
Pvt. David Kenyon Webster: Go ahead, take off, it's my turn.
Pfc. John Janovec: Okay, see you back at the farm.
[Janovec walks over to the waiting Jeep]
Pvt. David Kenyon Webster: Eighty-one.
Pfc. John Janovec: Huh?
Pvt. David Kenyon Webster: I have eighty-one points.
[Janovec laughs]
Pfc. John Janovec: Well, that's just not good enough.