Father Vincent
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Father Vincent (Character)
from Silent Hill 3 (2003) (VG)

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Silent Hill 3 (2003) (VG)
Vincent: The name's Vincent. Don't forget it OK? I'm on your side.
Heather: So you say...

Vincent: Monsters? They looked like monsters to you?

[Heather came in at the scene where there is a conflict with Vincent and Claudia]
Vincent: Well, the guest of honor has arrived. Let's get this party started. Heather, go ahead and kill this crazy bitch. This demon who claims to speak for God. The time has come. You can kill her now.
Claudia: You'll go to Hell!
[Claudia stabs Vincent in the back]

Heather: ...Is that it for the message?
Vincent: Uh-huh.
Heather: [sarcastically] Thanks...
Heather: [turns to leave, then turns back] Douglas really said that?
Vincent: [smirking] What's wrong, don't you trust me?