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James Sunderland (Character)
from Silent Hill 2 (2001) (VG)

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Silent Hill 2 (2001) (VG)
James Sunderland: Don't worry, I'm not crazy... at least, I don't think so.

[James enters the area where Eddie has killed various people with his revolver]
James Sunderland: Eddie, what are you doing?
Eddie Dombrowski: What does it look like? He always busted my balls. "You fat, disgusting piece of shit! You make me sick! Fat-ass, yer nothin' but a waste of skin! You're so ugly, even your mama don't love you!" Well maybe he was right. Maybe I am nothing but a fat disgusting piece of shit. But ya know what? It doesn't matter if you're smart, dumb, ugly, pretty... it's all the same once yer dead... and a corpse can't laugh. From now on, if anyone makes fun of me... I'll kill 'em. Just like that!
[as Eddie was about to take off]
James Sunderland: Eddie! Have You gone nuts?
Eddie Dombrowski: [faces James] I knew it. You, too! You're just like 'em James.
James Sunderland: Hey, I didn't mean anything.
Eddie Dombrowski: Don't bother! I understand. You've been laughing at me all along, haven't you? Ever since we first met. I'll kill you James!
[Eddie fires his revolver at James as he quickly evaded the gunshot near his right arm]

[James enters the slaughterhouse where Eddie is nowhere to be seen after the first fight against him]
Eddie Dombrowski: Do you know what it does to you, James? When you're hated, picked on, spit on, just cause of the way you look? After you've been laughed at your whole friggin' life? That's why I ran away after I killed that dog. I ran away like a scared little girl. Yeah, I killed that dog. It was fun! It tried to chew its own guts up, finally died all curled up in a ball. Then "he" came after me, I shot him too, right in the leg. He cried more than the dog, hah, hah, hah, hah!
[the door that James opened after entering the slaughterhouse closes tight behind him]
Eddie Dombrowski: He's gonna have a hard time playing football on what's left of that knee.
James Sunderland: You think it's okay to kill people? You need help, Eddie.
Eddie Dombrowski: Don't get so holy on me, James. This town called you, too. You and me are the same. We're not like other people. Don't you know that?
[Eddie appeared behind James as James faces Eddie]
Eddie Dombrowski: Let's party!

James Sunderland: I was weak. That's why I needed you... needed someone to punish me for my sins... but that's all over now... I know the truth. Now it's time to end this.

James Sunderland: Stop! Leave her alone! Leave us both the hell alone!

James Sunderland: [pokes dead monster with stick] What the hell is it? Whatever it is, it's not human.

James Sunderland: I guess I really don't care if it's dangerous or not. I'm going to town either way.

James Sunderland: How do you know about that? Aren't you Maria?
Maria: I'm not your Mary.
James Sunderland: So you're Maria then?
Maria: I am... if you want me to be.
James Sunderland: What I want from you is an answer!
Maria: It doesn't matter who I am. I'm here for you James.
[touches him]
Maria: See? I'm real.

James Sunderland: Mary?
Maria: [Turns around and faces James]
James Sunderland: No... you're not.
Maria: Do I look like your girlfriend?

Angela: [lying on the floor, holding and staring at a kitchen knife] Oh, it's you...
James Sunderland: Yeah... I'm James.
Angela: [sighs] Angela.
James Sunderland: Angela, okay. I don't know what you're planning, but there's always another way.
Angela: Really? But... you're the same as me. It's easier just to run, besides, it's what we deserve.
James Sunderland: No! I'm not like you!
Angela: Are you *afraid*? I... I'm sorry...