Rose Da Silva
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Biography for
Rose Da Silva (Character)
from Silent Hill (2006)

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Rose DaSilva is the wife of Christopher DaSilva and adoptive mother to Sharon DaSilva. Her character is portrayed by Radha Mitchell.


Rose becomes troubled by her child's sleepwalking and decides to take the child to the town of Silent Hill in defiance of her husband's wishes. On the way into the town, Rose becomes desperate and speeds away from a police officer who has pulled her over; eventually crashing through the gates closing off the town and speeding towards it with her frightened daughter in the front seat. On the outskirts of the town, Rose's radio begins to static and the image of a mysterious child emerges directly ahead of her speeding car. Rose swerves to avoid the figure and crashes the car, knocking herself unconcious in the process.

She awakens to find herself trapped in an alternate dimension of fog, ash, and decay. Rose searches the town; chasing the fleeing image of what she thinks is her child. The farther Rose goes into the town, the more she comes to discover that the child in the road is a little girl from Silent Hill's past named Alessa Gillespie. Rose finds clues left for her by the strange child and is led to a number of places; including a dilapidated bowling alley, a school, a hotel, and finally a church.

During this time, Rose experiences the shifting of reality; as the dark world takes over and changes everything it touches. In the dark world, Rose comes across twisted monsters and bloody wall- all somehow connected to the mysterious child she continues to search for. Eventually, Rose meets a group of religious fanatics who initially attempt to cast her and Officer Cybil Bennett out into the darkness, but who then decide to lead the pair into the core of the darkness. Rose and Cybil are taken to Brookhaven Hospital, where Rose descends in an elevator into the bowels of the darkness.

Upon entering the dark world version of the hospital, Rose finds her way to the room where Christabella, the leader of the fanatics, claims a demon lies in wait. Once in the room, Rose is told the story of Alessa Gillespie; an innocent child who was ostracized and burned alive by Christabella and her followers. Rose then confronts Dark Alessa and learns that her daughter is a doppelgnger of Alessa; the manifestation of all the remaining goodness and purity of Alessa's soul. Rose agrees to help Alessa and Dark Alessa to destroy the remaining cultists and willingly allows Alessa's tainted essence to invade her body and hitch a ride into the church.

Rose returns to the church to find Sharon about to be "purified" by the cultists and Cybil already dead. She tells the cultists that their belief that they are trapped in the apocalypse is wrong, that they are denying their fate by refusing to admit that they darkened the heart of an innocent. When Rose tells Christabella that God is not there, Christabella becomes incense and stabs Rose in the heart. Rose's blood allows a portal into the dark world to be opened and Alessa and Dark Alessa rise into the church to take revenge.

Rose rescues her stricken child, but ends up leaving the church with a reborn version of Alessa; rather than the daughter she had known before coming to the town. She goes home with Alessa, but finds she is still trapped in the foggy dimension; doomed to be Alessa's lonely mommy until the very end.

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