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Quotes for
Felicia (Character)
from Phone Booth (2002)

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Phone Booth (2002)
Felicia: Goddammit, man! You gone made me hurt my dick hand.
Stu: Ooooh! I'm sure you're just as good with the other hand.
[Caller starts laughing]
Stu: Go away!
Felicia: I'll be back, bitch!
[to cyclist]
Felicia: Get out of my way!
The Caller: I was worried for you there, Stu. I thought she was going to poke an eye out with that... that *hand*.

Felicia: Get done in there, gotta hit this trick spot before the next bitch take my score.
Stu: Look, go away!
Felicia: Go away? Hang up the fuckin' phone, nigger!
[Stu looks at Felicia and then closes the booth]
Felicia: This motherfucker, you don't eyeball me. Bitch!
[Felicia walks away]

Felicia: You better get out of there before he come back and kick yo' ass.

Felicia: [sung to the tune of nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah] He gonna kick yo' aa-ass... he gonna kick yo' aa-ass...