Inspector David Toschi
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Inspector David Toschi (Character)
from Zodiac (2007)

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Zodiac (2007)
Dave Toschi: [bedside phone rings. In a tired attempt to answer the phone, accidentally knocks over a lamp, which shatters]
[into phone]
Dave Toschi: Whoever this is, you owe me another lamp.

Dave Toschi: [to his new partner] You wouldn't happen to have any animal crackers, would you?

Robert Graysmith: Dave! He made a mistake!
[pointing frantically at the case files in his hands while standing outside Toschi's window]
Dave Toschi: Get away from the window!
Robert Graysmith: I'll meet you around front!
Dave Toschi: No, you won't!

Robert Graysmith: We met at the movies once.
Dave Toschi: I'm sure it was magical.

Dave Toschi: Hey, how do we know that this lead is real?
Inspector William Armstrong: It's very real. How do I know? Because I saw it on TV.

Melvin Belli: Inspectors, he sent this letter directly to my residence. It is a cry for help intended as a private communique.
Dave Toschi: Which is why you contacted The Chronicle.
Melvin Belli: The people have a right to know. Toddy?

Informant: Have you ever thought Paul Avery might be the Zodiac?
Dave Toschi: Frequently.

Captain Marty Lee: You got any hard suspects?
Dave Toschi: Uh, about 90 an hour. I'm up to about 500.

Melvin Belli: Inspector, he sent this letter directly to my residence, since he couldn't get through to me here or on the Dunbar show.
Dave Toschi: He tried to contact you here?
Melvin Belli: Once, I was out. He spoke with my housekeeper. He didn't leave a number.
Inspector William Armstrong: Yeah, he's kinda crafty like that.

Robert Graysmith: Just because you can't prove it doesn't mean it isn't true.
Dave Toschi: Easy, Dirty Harry.

Arthur Leigh Allen: Oh. "The Most Dangerous Game."
Inspector William Armstrong: What?
Arthur Leigh Allen: "The Most Dangerous Game." That's why you're here isn't it? It was my favorite book in high school. It's about this man who waits for these people to get shipwrecked on this island. Because he was tired of hunting animals, he hunted the people for the challenge.
Dave Toschi: And man is the most dangerous animal of all?
Arthur Leigh Allen: That's the whole point of the story.

Robert Graysmith: This is a case that's covered both northern and southern California with victims and suspects spread over hundreds of miles, would you agree?
Dave Toschi: Yeah.
Robert Graysmith: Darlene Ferrin worked at the Vallejo House of Pancakes on Tenneessee St. Arthur Leigh Allen lived in his mother's basement on Fresno St. Door to door, that is less than 50 yards.
Dave Toschi: Is that true?
Robert Graysmith: I've walked it.
Dave Toschi: Jesus Christ.

Robert Graysmith: Dave, he made a mistake! The birthday was the one time that he was weak, the one time he gave something away!
Dave Toschi: Robert...
Robert Graysmith: It's Arthur Leigh Allen!
Dave Toschi: Where did you get that name?
Robert Graysmith: December 18th. He called the Belli's house. "I have to kill. Today is my birthday." It was his birthday. Arthur Leigh Allen was born on December 18th.
Dave Toschi: Get in here.

Dave Toschi: Suspect's negro male adult, who also happens to be a stocky, crew cut caucasian.

Paul Avery: Hey Bullitt, it's been almost a year. You gonna catch this fuckin' guy or not?
Dave Toschi: Go fuck yourself!
Paul Avery: Gladly.