Keith Jennings
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Keith Jennings (Character)
from The Omen (1976)

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The Omen (2006)
Keith Jennings: No atheists in foxholes.

Keith Jennings: The son of the devil will rise from the world of politics.

The Omen (1976)
Photographer: Run out of film?
Keith Jennings: Saving it for his canonization.
Photographer: How's that?
Keith Jennings: I don't know if we've got the heir to the Thorn millions here or Jesus Christ Himself.

Keith Jennings: [Referring to Damien] Look, I'm not just some bystander. I was the one that found him.
Robert Thorn: And I'm the one that's supposed to kill him.
[Revealing daggers from Bugenhagen]
Robert Thorn: These are knives. He wants me to stab him! He wants me to murder a child.
Keith Jennings: It's not a child.
Robert Thorn: How can he know that? Maybe he's wrong. It's insane. I won't have anything to do with murdering a little boy. He's not responsible. I won't do it!
Robert Thorn: [Tosses the knives away]
Keith Jennings: Well, if you won't do it... I will!