Katherine Thorn
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Katherine Thorn (Character)
from The Omen (1976)

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The Omen (2006)
[from trailer]
Katherine Thorn: Don't let him kill me.

Katherine Thorn: What's the matter, those other kids didn't want to play with you?
Damien: They're afraid.
[they look at the frighten reshus maquces]

Katherine Thorn: [from trailer]
[as they pass by a church, Katherine sees Damien is pale]
Katherine Thorn: What's wrong, sweetie? It's just a church, that's all.
Robert Thorn: Is he sick?
Katherine Thorn: [feels Damien's forehead] He's as cold as ice.

The Omen (1976)
Kathy Thorn: Something in mind, Mr. Ambassador?
Robert Thorn: Why don't we have a little look upstairs...
Kathy Thorn: Well, there's no furniture up there either.
Robert Thorn: Awww, you know, you could be too sexy for the White House!

[Robert Thorn and Kathy Thorn survey their mansion]
Robert Thorn: It's a bit much.
Kathy Thorn: No, nothing's too much for the wife of the future President of the United States.
Robert Thorn: You know, you're pushy.

Robert Thorn: If there were anything wrong, you'd tell me, wouldn't you?
Kathy Thorn: Wrong? What could be wrong with our child, Robert? We're beautiful people, aren't we?