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Lt. Ackerman (Character)
from The Dead Pool (1988)

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The Dead Pool (1988)
Capt. Donnelly: [with sheet of paper] You know what this is, Callahan? It's a bill for a TV camera and lens. When I told you to stop wrecking our cars, I didn't mean go out and find something else to destroy!
Harry Callahan: They were interfering with an official investigation, Sir.
Lt. Ackerman: Don't give us that. Is this your idea of cooperation with the media?
Harry Callahan: Cooperation works two ways, Lieutenant.
Lt. Ackerman: Just what is it you have against reporters, Callahan?
Harry Callahan: Well some of them are just marvellous people. But others like to walk through a pile and track it through an investigation. I don't like that.
Lt. Ackerman: Well you'd better change your attitude fast, Callahan, because unless we come to some kind of an agreement with these people, it's just liable to cost this city two million dollars and your career!
[ushers in reporter]
Lt. Ackerman: Would you join us please? This is Miss Samantha Walker of Station KWSF. Captain Donnelly...
Capt. Donnelly: Miss Walker...
Samantha Walker: Captain...
Lt. Ackerman: And this is Inspector...
Samantha Walker: ...Callahan. Yes, we've met.
Lt. Ackerman: Oh yes, of course. Will you sit down?
Samantha Walker: Oh, thank you.
Capt. Donnelly: Miss Walker, ah, Lt. Ackerman here tells me you have a proposal to make, er, regarding the accidental damage to a television camera.
Samantha Walker: [sweetly] Oh, there was nothing accidental about it, Captain.
Capt. Donnelly: Well, I think the department might have something else to say about that.
Samantha Walker: Well, although the camera itself was destroyed, I have the entire incident on video.
Capt. Donnelly: I see.
[glares at Callahan]
Capt. Donnelly: And your proposal?
Samantha Walker: We may be willing to drop the lawsuit against the city... but that all depends on Inspector Callahan.
Lt. Ackerman: Well I'm sure the Inspector would be more than willing to cooperate in any...
Harry Callahan: Just what do you have in mind?
Samantha Walker: Dinner.
[the men all stare at one other]

Harry Callahan: Do you have any kids, lieutenant?
Lt. Ackerman: Me? No.
Harry Callahan: Lucky for them.