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Quotes for
Mick (Character)
from Sudden Impact (1983)

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Sudden Impact (1983)
Mick: [screaming] Get her! Get the BITCH!

Mick: [while beating up Callahan with his men] Hot shot cop! Your ass is *mine*!

Mick: [holding Jennifer's handgun] Oh, is this what you had in mind for me?
[cackles evilly]

Mick: [pressuring Alby to rape Jennifer] Stick it Alby! Are you queer?

Chief Lester Jannings: He couldn't live with it. The other vermin didn't care. But him, the guilt ate at his gut like an acid. He wanted you to come back. He would pray every night that you'd come back. Until one night he couldn't wait any longer. Took his car out and smashed it and his brains into a retaining wall. Now you're here, and he doesn't even know it. My fault. I should have let him be punished then, along with the other filth. But he was my only son. his mother died giving birth to him. He and I are all each other have. I was afraid for him. Afraid for me. See, I was a public figure. So I did things. I fixed it. And now I just want you to go. Let it end.
Jennifer Spencer: There's one left.
Chief Lester Jannings: Yes. And I've got him, in my jail. He preyed on Alby and preyed on me ever since. And that too is going to end.
Mick: [surprising them] Oh is that so, Lester boy?

Mick: I don't give a fuck about Tyrone. And Alby, he's covered.
Ray Parkins: Alby? How? The guy's a vegetable, he doesn't even know if he's pissing himself!
Mick: He's *covered*.
Ray Parkins: [teasingly] Ok.