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Quotes for
Ray Parkins (Character)
from Sudden Impact (1983)

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Sudden Impact (1983)
Ray Parkins: [winning at darts] Yeah! I win again! What'd I tell you? Bull's eye. I always kick the shit out of you people. Who wants to play next?
Ray Parkins: [asks a guy] How about you?
[slaps him]
Ray Parkins: Huh?
[guy doesn't reply]
Ray Parkins: Shit, then, don't answer me.
Bar Guy #2: I'll play you.
Ray Parkins: Yeah, right! You suck! You couldn't even hit a pile of bullshit.

Ray Parkins: [approaching Callahan] Well hey there, cutie. Wanna buy me a drink?
Harry Callahan: [uninterested] Not today.
Ray Parkins: Come on, sailor. There must be something you want to ask me. You might get lucky!
Harry Callahan: Only with humans.

Ray Parkins: [to blond-haired suspect] You dipped your wick just like the rest of them!

Ray Parkins: [pulls on blond-haired suspect's crotch] Watch'em real good.

Ray Parkins: Give me what you got, twat lips, or I'll make your face have its first period!

Ray Parkins: I'm gonna call Mick.
Tyrone: You do as you want, and keep that psycho bastard away from me.
Ray Parkins: [as she is leaving] I'll tell him you said that.

Ray Parkins: [as Jennifer has her at gunpoint] So, the bitch is here. Tell me, how's your *slut* sister?
[Jennifer then shoots her]

Mick: I don't give a fuck about Tyrone. And Alby, he's covered.
Ray Parkins: Alby? How? The guy's a vegetable, he doesn't even know if he's pissing himself!
Mick: He's *covered*.
Ray Parkins: [teasingly] Ok.

Ray Parkins: Why don't you suck my ass with a straw!