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Peter Swan (Character)
from The Dead Pool (1988)

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The Dead Pool (1988)
Peter Swan: Do you mind, gentlemen? I happen to be at a funeral.
Harry Callahan: Like to talk to you about your list.
Peter Swan: It's no big secret. Most of the cast and crew knew about it. I didn't tell you because the dead pool is just a harmless game.
Harry Callahan: Sounds pretty sick to me.
Peter Swan: Let me tell you something, Callahan. People... people are fascinated with death and violence. That's why my films make money. They're an escape, a vicarious release of fear. Same thing with this game. Nobody takes my films *or* the dead pool seriously.
Harry Callahan: Well, someone gave Squares the drugs that killed him - maybe it was you.
Peter Swan: You can't tie me into Johnny's death just because of a coincidence. My assistant and my effects supervisor were playing the game too, why don't you talk to them?
Harry Callahan: Oh, we will - but nobody on their list is dead yet.
Peter Swan: Hey, look, Callahan, Johnny was a major drugs user, and I predicted he'd die this year, but that's all I did. Don't you get it? The whole idea is to pick celebrities who aren't going to make it, because they're old, or because they're sick or because they're in a high-risk profession.
Harry Callahan: Like police work?
Peter Swan: Nothing personal, love.
Harry Callahan: I don't like your list, Swan. I don't like being on it.
Peter Swan: Ah, that's, that's what this is really all about, isn't it? Well, if you got a charge to make...
Harry Callahan: Maybe I'll start my own dead pool, and put you on it.
Peter Swan: You threatening me?
Harry Callahan: You want to play the game, you'd better know the rules, love.

Peter Swan: [to Harry and his partner] Why the *fuck* are you people harassing me?

[arguing with Johnny Squares]
Peter Swan: This is not a rip-off. It's an homage, you stupid...

Peter Swan: Don't worry, Johnny's like a trained seal. Throw him a fish, he'll perform.