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Manzano (Character)
from Man on Fire (2004)

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Man on Fire (2004)
Manzano: Mariana?
Mariana: Sí.
Manzano: When do I get to sleep with you again?
Mariana: We never sleep. We fuck.

[Creasy is being shown mugshots after Pita's kidnapping]
Manzano: Do you recognize any of these men?
Creasy: No. That make me a suspect?
Manzano: No. It would be convenient, but no.

Chief Ramirez: This man, John W. Creasy, an American citizen, is under arrest for the murder of two officers of the Judicial Police and is suspected of possible involvement in the kidnapping of Lupita Martin Ramos.
Mariana: Chief Ramirez... Chief Ramirez... The two officers that were killed... records show they were off duty at the time... so why were they in uniform and in a patrol car?
Chief Ramirez: All I know is that they died bravely.
Mariana: Of course, but what exactly were they doing at the scene of the kidnapping? Or were they known for their exceptional good luck?
Manzano: They were known for being corrupt, and now are celebrated for being dead.