Brig. Gen. Quintard
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Brig. Gen. Quintard (Character)
from The Thin Red Line (1998)

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The Thin Red Line (1998)
Brigadier General Quintard: The Marines had their chance now we have ours.

Brigadier General Quintard: [pre-landing pep talk] You have a son Colonel?
Lt. Col. Gordon Tall: Yes sir, I do.
Brigadier General Quintard: Good. 'Cause we don't want our sons or our grandsons fight this war 30 years from now, do we?
Lt. Col. Gordon Tall: No sir, we sure don't.
Brigadier General Quintard: You crush 'em without mercy. You dig them out of the hills and protect that airfield.
Lt. Col. Gordon Tall: Yes sir.
Brigadier General Quintard: You wonder why. Why do the Japs want an airfield there of all places? I guess we don't know the bigger picture, do we? If there is such a thing, what do you think?
Lt. Col. Gordon Tall: Well sir, I never asked myself that question.
Brigadier General Quintard: You're a humble man. Nobody wants that either. But you, how much do you want it?
Lt. Col. Gordon Tall: As much as I have to, sir.
Lt. Col. Gordon Tall: [narration] All they sacrificed for me. Poured out like water on the ground. All I might have given for love's sake. Too late. Dying. Slow as a tree.
Brigadier General Quintard: [all is quiet] You feel it?
Lt. Col. Gordon Tall: Yes sir.
Lt. Col. Gordon Tall: [narration] The closer you are to Caesar, the greater the fear.