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Quotes for
Willie O'Keefe (Character)
from JFK (1991)

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JFK (1991)
Willie O'Keefe: They can't buy me, you can't buy me... it means fuck all to me!

Willie O'Keefe: You're not a bad-looking man, Mr. Garrison. When I get out, I'm gonna come visit you. Have some real fun!

[On David Ferrie's scheme to assassinate JFK]
Willie O'Keefe: I didn't think much about it at the time. Just bullshit, y'know, everybody likes to make themselves out to be something more than they are. 'Specially in the homosexual underworld. But when they got him I got real scared. And that's when I got popped.

Willie O'Keefe: You don't know shit 'cause you've never been fucked in the ass!

David Ferrie: Hey, Willie. I want you to meet Leon Oswald.
Willie O'Keefe: Hey, man! How you doin'?
Lee Harvey Oswald: What the fuck's he doin' here?
Willie O'Keefe: Fuck you, motherfucker!

Willie O'Keefe: People got to know, why he was killed.

Jim Garrison: What I need to know is why. Why are you telling us this?
Willie O'Keefe: Cause that motherfucker Kennedy, stole that motherfuckin' election, that's why. Nixon, was gonna be one of the great presidents 'till Kennedy wrecked it up. Got niggas running around askin' for their damn rights. Why do you think we got all this crime nowadays? He promised those motherfuckers too goddamn much you ask me.