Amelia Warren
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Amelia Warren (Character)
from The Terminal (2004)

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The Terminal (2004)
Amelia: Are you coming or going?
Viktor Navorski: I don't know. Both.

Frank Dixon: You could have any man you wanted... why Viktor Navorski?
Amelia: That's something a guy like you could never understand.

Amelia: [of her hopeless affair] I just wish the sex wasn't so amazing.

Amelia: I have to go.
Viktor Navorski: I have to stay.
Amelia: Story of my life.
Viktor Navorski: Me too.

Amelia: I've been waiting my whole life, I just don't know what the hell for.

Amelia: I usually read history books. They're long and cheap and usually about men killing each other.

Amelia: You told me you were delayed, you never said it was for nine months!

Amelia: I just keep injesting these poisonous men until I make myself sick.
Viktor Navorski: You're not sick, Amelia, no. You're a little far-sighted.

Viktor Navorski: You say you are waiting for something. And I say to you, "Yes, yes. We all wait".
Amelia: What are you waiting for?
Viktor Navorski: You. I wait for you...