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Malcolm Y (Character)
from Wake Up, Ron Burgundy: The Lost Movie (2004) (V)

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Wake Up, Ron Burgundy: The Lost Movie (2004) (V)
Malcolm Y: Know what we should do with this money?
Paul Hauser: I think we should buy a big bag of grass.

Paul Hauser: [the Alarm Clock is robbing a bank... he approaches a teller] We got guns! Now fill this sack with cash!
Bank Teller: Uh... what do your masks mean?
Paul Hauser: Just fill this sack with cash!
Bank Teller: Just what point are you trying to make? Do you not like Lincoln?
Paul Hauser: Of course we like Lincoln. He freed the slaves.
Bank Teller: [looking at their masked faces] So you like Lincoln, and uh... Nixon, and uh, werewolves?
Paul Hauser: What?
Bank Teller: I mean Nixon, whatever... he's kind of a creep. But werewolves? Werewolves are the walking undead... they're bloodthirsty killers! Who likes werewolves?
Kanshasha X: We don't like werewolves, man! We hate werewolves!
Bank Teller: Well, you've got a werewolf mask on, so...
Kanshasha X: I can see that!
Bank Teller: Are you bloodthirsty killers?
Paul Hauser: No... we are not bloodthirsty killers, okay? We're pacifists!
Bank Teller: It's not a really smart thing to tell somebody when you're robbing them, okay, that you're a pacifist, 'cause now I know that you're not going to kill me.
Malcolm Y: Man, somebody shut her up!
Paul Hauser: No no no... listen, you've got it all wrong, okay? This is just a cover, to cover our faces.
Bank Teller: No, I'm not gonna give you money, because you didn't deserve it! I mean, you say you're a political group? You come in here with a Nixon mask, and a werewolf mask, and a Lincoln mask? I'm gonna make connections! So... so what's your statement?
[points to Malcolm Y]
Bank Teller: And this guy's not even wearing a mask!
Malcolm Y: [racks rifle] 'Cause I don't give a shit!
Bank Teller: That's scary to me. That works. I will give that gentleman a little bit of money. But the rest of you? Beat it!