Carlos Robante
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Carlos Robante (Character)
from Rio Bravo (1959)

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Rio Bravo (1959)
[after Carlos has a quarrel with Consuelo]
John T. Chance: You take chances, my friend.
Carlos Robante: Because I know woman. If she will be mad or she will be sorry - if it is 'mad', she will be much pleasure to make right; and if she is 'sorry', it will be the same pleasure. You... you do not have women, so you do not know, senor. But me... Carlos Robante... I know!

John T. Chance: [Carlos enters with a large bruise on his face] Did the girl... what happened to your eye?
Carlos Robante: You *told* me to put the lady on the stage!
John T. Chance: Oh, she did that? What'd you do?
Carlos Robante: Aw, she did not do it.
John T. Chance: I thought you said she did!
Carlos Robante: No, I say you tell me to put her on the stage. Consuela, she hit me in the eye!
John T. Chance: Wait a minute, I'm a little mixed up.
Carlos Robante: Please, please senor, do not talk, I tell you!
[Chase agrees]
Carlos Robante: It is better I tell you! You told me to put the lady on the stage.
John T. Chance: Right...
Carlos Robante: She say she is ready but she don't come down!
John T. Chance: What...?
Carlos Robante: I yell at her, come down! She said she ain't coming! I go up and get her, she said she don't go!
John T. Chance: Well did she go?
Carlos Robante: Please! I tell her you say go! I tell her I am responsible, she say *no*, *she* is responsible! And I say "that may be"... and I pick her up. Then Consuela say, "what are you doing with that woman?" And I say I take her to the stage! "The woman," she said, "she don't want to go on the stage!
John T. Chance: Well, did she go on the stage?
Carlos Robante: Please! Then Consuela tell me, "put her down!" I said "I am responsible!" Consuela, she thinks that means something else! So she give me this eye!
John T. Chance: What'd you do?
Carlos Robante: *Do*...? What can I do? My arms is full of the lady! I can do *nothing*, I drop her on the floor! She yells, and she said I tried to kill her!
John T. Chance: [yelling] Carlos, did the girl get on the stage?
Carlos Robante: [yelling] No, she did not go! But Jake say he couldn't wait!
John T. Chance: [annoyed] Why?
Carlos Robante: He said he must leave!
John T. Chance: I don't... I mean the *girl*! Did she say why she wasn't going?
Carlos Robante: *No*... she didn't say! How can I know if she don't say?
Carlos Robante: *Please* senor Chase, you come and tell Consuelo what *responsible* means!