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Quotes for
Sgt. Tuscarora Phillips (Character)
from Rio Lobo (1970)

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Rio Lobo (1970)
[Col. McNally provides Sgt. Tuscarora Phillips with money to return home]
Sgt. Tuscarora Phillips: [delighted] Colonel suh, I never thought I'd feel like kissin' a *Yankee!*

[Col. McNally visits with Capt. Cordona and Sgt. Phillips after the war ends]
Cord McNally: I'm glad *you two* weathered the storm.
Cordona: Well, it's a simple life- No wine, no women, no song.
Sgt. Tuscarora Phillips: And no *whiskey*!
Cord McNally: Well, *I* can remedy *that*; If you two don't mind drinkin' with a "Bluebelly".
Sgt. Tuscarora Phillips: Colonel Suh, I'd drink with *The Devil Himself*!
Cordona: *I* feel just like *he* does!
Cord McNally: [smiles] We're *headed* in the right direction!