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Nelse McLeod (Character)
from El Dorado (1967)

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El Dorado (1967)
Milt: You've got a lot of faith in me, don't ya, Nelse?
Nelse McLeod: Faith can move mountains, Milt. But it can't beat a faster draw. There's only three men I know with his kind of speed. One's dead. The other's me. And the third is Cole Thornton.
Cole: There's a fourth.
Nelse McLeod: Which one are you?
Cole: I'm Thornton.
[Milt withdraws]
Nelse McLeod: Aren't you glad you didn't try, Milt? Pick up your guns, both of you, real easy.
Cole: Like he said, real easy.

Nelse McLeod: Can you use a gun?
Mississippi: Well, if I could I'd be using one. Good evening.
Cole: Just minute, Mississippi.
Mississippi: Would you mind telling me why you have such a great passion for my company?

Bart Jason: [Thornton is trying to distract McLeod outside of Jason's saloon] Didn't expect to see you here, Mr. Thornton.
Cole: Hello, McLeod.
Bart Jason: I said...
Nelse McLeod: My show, Jason. Hi, Thornton.
Cole: There's a little question... unanswered between us.
Nelse McLeod: Which one of us is best?
Cole: That's right.
Nelse McLeod: I don't think we're gonna find out the answer to that question.
Cole: No?
Nelse McLeod: No. Your gun hand's no good.
Cole: You just give me time to get down off of this wagon and we'll find out.
Nelse McLeod: Why should I give you any time?
Cole: Call it professional courtesy.
Bart Jason: Don't listen to him. Why should you give him time?
Nelse McLeod: Curiosity, Jason.
Cole: [Bull blows his bugle, and when McLeod around, Thornton dives of the wagon and mortally wounds McLeod with a hidden gun] McLeod?
Nelse McLeod: You didn't give me any chance at all, did you?
Cole: No, I didn't. You're too good to give a chance to.
Nelse McLeod: Yeah. I let a one-armed man take me.

Nelse McLeod: There's only three men I know of with his kind of speed. One of 'em's dead; one of em's me; and the other is Cole Thornton.
Cole: There's a fourth.
Nelse McLeod: Which one are you?
Cole: I'm Thornton.

Nelse McLeod: [refering to Harrah] You think he's that good?
Cole: Good ? Why he's...
Nelse McLeod: The fourth man you were talking about.

Bart Jason: You just going to sit there, Mcleod?
Nelse McLeod: [Facing down Mississippi's sawed-off shotgun] ... Well there really isn't very much I can do right now, is there, Jason?