Colorado Ryan
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Colorado Ryan (Character)
from Rio Bravo (1959)

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Rio Bravo (1959)
Colorado Ryan: How'd you come out with Burdette?
John T. Chance: He wanted to talk to his brother.
Colorado Ryan: What'd he have to say?
John T. Chance: Nothing.
Colorado Ryan: You mean he didn't say anything?
John T. Chance: Why are you so interested?
Colorado Ryan: Because he's talkin' now. Hear that music? He told the man to play it.
John T. Chance: What is it?
Colorado Ryan: Well, they call it the "Degüello"... the cutthroat song. The Mexicans played it for those Texas boys when they had 'em bottled up in the Alamo.
John T. Chance: Yeah.
Colorado Ryan: Played it day and night 'til it was all over. Now do you know what he means by it?
John T. Chance: No quarter. No mercy for the loser.
Colorado Ryan: You'll be hearin' a lot of it.
John T. Chance: I guess we made him talk after all.

Pat Wheeler: I told him you were one of the best.
Colorado Ryan: Well, I'll tell you what I'm a lot better at, Mr. Wheeler... that's minding my own business.

John T. Chance: Got any new men with you, Pat?
Pat Wheeler: Nah, nobody 'cept Colorado, here.
John T. Chance: Where'd you take him on?
Pat Wheeler: Fort Worth
John T. Chance: What does he do?
Colorado Ryan: I speak English, sheriff. If you wanna ask me.