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Quotes for
Phillips (Character)
from Rio Lobo (1970)

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Rio Lobo (1970)
Phillips: Don't you worry Ketcham: You're gonna be the *first* to die!

Cord McNally: Mr. Phillips; you watch Ketchum while we go inside.
Phillips: Sure thing, Colonel. If you hear a loud noise, it'll be Mr. Ketchum dyin'.

[Phillips is irritating everyone by playing a jaw harp]
Cord McNally: Dammit, Mr. Phillips! Don't you know any other songs?
Phillips: I don't know this one. That's why I keep practicin'.
[McNally and the others open bottles of beer]
Phillips: Don't I get a beer?
Cord McNally: Not as long as you're playin' that harp.
Phillips: I'll put it up!
[Phillips throws harp in the trash can]
Phillips: What about Ketchum? He don't get no beer, does he?

Cord McNally: Whitey's *dead*.
Phillips: [delighted] *That's* the best news I heared all *year*! Who killed 'im?
Cord McNally: [referring to Shasta] *She* did!
Phillips: [amazed] Well, I'll be a suck-egg mule-! Legs like *that*, and she can *shoot*, too!

Cord McNally: I'm Cord McNally. Didn't Tuscarora tell you about me?
Phillips: Cord McNally? Yeah, he sure did! And I ain't gonna *repeat* what he said!

Sheriff 'Blue Tom' Hendricks: Don't you worry Mr. Ketcham, we'll get you out.
Phillips: Just try and get him out, just you try!
Ketcham: Don't try anything Tom, don't do anything, he's crazy, he want's to kill me!
Phillips: He's right!
[Fires shotgun in the air, then jabs it into Ketchams back]
Phillips: Got another barrel, get in there!

Cord McNally: Do you think you could sneak up on the fella at the gate?
Phillips: I could sneak up on a *coyote* if I've a mind to!
Cord McNally: Did you get that fella at the gate?
Phillips: He's at *another* gate now, lookin' fer *Saint Peter*!

Phillips: Take a look at this, Ketcham-
[close-up of Phillips' shotgun]
Phillips: -those triggers are *wired back*! So you can see what happens if my *thumbs* slip; And my thumbs *ain't* as strong as they *used* to be!

Cord McNally: Oww, take it easy.
Phillips: Stop your squawking, you ain't hurt.
Cord McNally: Splatter gun is useless.
Phillips: You don't mind if I shoot do you? Makes me feel better.