Dr. Alex Sabian
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Dr. Alex Sabian (Character)
from Assault on Precinct 13 (2005)

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Assault on Precinct 13 (2005)
Marcus Duvall: [Kneels in front of a kneeling Sabian] How many are inside?
Alex Sabian: [Thinking] Uh... 100.
Marcus Duvall: Answer the question.
Kahane: [shakes Sabian] Answer, bitch!
Alex Sabian: [stares at Duvall]
Marcus Duvall: You're a brave woman.
[Stands up and shoots Sabian point blank in the head]

Jake Roenick: Tell me Mrs. Doctor mind fuck, what do you think I'm hiding from? And if you're right, I'll you tell you you're right.
Alex Sabian: I believe the prospect of responsibility has rendered you impotent, and that's why you're working at this old precinct behind a desk
Jake Roenick: I'm injured alright? That's why I'm here
Alex Sabian: Bullshit, you feel responsible for the death of team eight months ago and that's why you're here
Jake Roenick: I didn't do anything wrong a board of inquiry cleared me
Alex Sabian: You didn't do anything wrong but it was your decision that sent them down the left hallway and not the right hallway and out the front door and not the back door and you don't want to make decisions like that again
Jake Roenick: So you may be right, do you want a medal?