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Mike Strank (Character)
from Flags of Our Fathers (2006)

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Flags of Our Fathers (2006)
Franklin Sousley: So, where do you think they're sending us?
Mike Strank: I think it's the desert, Frankllin.
Franklin Sousley: Well, that makes no sense at all.
Mike Strank: Well, it's just military psychology. They always train you for the desert on a volcano.
Franklin Sousley: Aw, now you're just havin' fun with me.
Mike Strank: Harlon, take your men right. Watch for Bedouins.
Harlon Block: Yes, sir.
Franklin Sousley: Hey, what's a Bedouin?
Harlon Block: It's a guy with a camel.
Franklin Sousley: Well, Jeez Louise, maybe we *are* going to the desert.

Mike Strank: Any man that doesn't have his masturbation papers in order better get them signed by tomorrow night or he ain't going overseas.
Gust: I got mine already.
Lundsford: Oh, yeah, I'm square.
Franklin Sousley: Wait, wait. Why am I just hearing about this?
Mike Strank: That's horseshit, Franklin! I don't have to repeat everything twice for you.
Franklin Sousley: No, I didn't hear nothin' about no masturbating papers!
Ira Hayes: Heard they were running short.
Franklin Sousley: You know, nobody tells me nothing. That's real nice, guys!
Mike Strank: All right, get your ass over to the officer in charge of records. Maybe he's got some more left. Leave your smokes. I'll play for you.
Franklin Sousley: Thanks, Mike.
Mike Strank: Listen, if he calls you an idiot, you take it like a man, okay? Just *do not* leave without signing them.

Captain Severance: Look, I've had to make a few other changes. I'm promoting you, to platoon sergeant.
Mike Strank: Thank you, sir. I appreciate it.
Captain Severance: You bet.
Mike Strank: The trouble is, I already told my men I'd see them through this.
Captain Severance: That your James Cagney impersonation? 'Cause I've heard better.
Mike Strank: Well, I'll keep practicing, then.
Captain Severance: Look, this isn't your first time through this. You don't need to prove anything.
Mike Strank: No, sir.
Captain Severance: You're not the *best* sergeant I've ever had, just the best one that's still walking. Block's a good man.
Mike Strank: Yes, sir, he is.
Captain Severance: The men know him, he can step right in. You know, I have actually thought this through. Platoon sergeant puts you further away from the bullets.
Mike Strank: I already gave them my word, sir. I told them I'd bring them all home to their mothers, which means I already lied to half of them. Can't lie to the rest.

Mike Strank: Look for a flash, shoot at it!