Janice Litman
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Janice Litman (Character)
from "Friends" (1994)

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"Friends: The One with Barry and Mindy's Wedding (#2.24)" (1996)
Chandler Bing: [Chandler is waiting for his cyberchick to arrive] Where is she, where is she?
[grabs Rachel]
Chandler Bing: Oh, hey, I have a question, where is she?
Rachel Green: Chandler, relax, Chandler, she'll be here.
[Chandler then sits down]
Chandler Bing: [gets up after noticing a beautiful blonde walking in] Oh, oh, oh, that's her.
Dr. Ross Geller: [after seeing her] Yeah, 'cause life's just that kind.
Phoebe Buffay: Chandler, you gotta stop staring at the door. It's like a watched pot, you know if you keep looking at it then the door is never gonna boil. I think what you have to do is try not to...
Chandler Bing: [Chandler gets up] Oh my God!
Janice Litman: [pause] OH... MY... GAWD!
[Chandler rushes over and kisses her]
Rachel Green, Dr. Ross Geller, Phoebe Buffay, Joey Tribbiani: OH... MY... GOD!

"Friends: The One with Chandler's Work Laugh (#5.12)" (1999)
Janice Litman: Oh hi. I guess that's two out of three... Joey.

"Friends: The One with the Princess Leia Fantasy (#3.1)" (1996)
Janice Litman: So, I hear you hate me.
Joey Tribbiani: I didn't said "hate", I was really careful about that.
Janice Litman: A little birdy said something about ripping your arm off and throwing it at me.
Joey Tribbiani: You got "hate" from that?

"Friends: The One with the Flashback (#3.6)" (1996)
Janice Litman: Janice has a question: Who of the six of you has slept with who of the six of you?
Phoebe: Its like a dirty math problem.
Dr. Ross Geller: The answer would be none of us.
Janice Litman: None of you have gotten drunk and stupid over the years?
Joey Tribbiani: Well, that's a different question.
Janice Litman: I find it hard to believe a group of people who spend as much time together as you do has never bumped uglies. I've got another question: Who of the six of you has almost?
Rachel Green: [they all quickly get up] Can I get anyone more coffee?
Joey Tribbiani: Hey, there's a dog out there!

"Friends: The One with All the Rugby (#4.15)" (1998)
Janice Litman: I'm riding the alimony pony!
[braying laugh]
Joey Tribbiani: [aside] And there it is...

"Friends: The One Where Rachel Has a Baby: Part 2 (#8.24)" (2002)
Janice Litman-Garelnick: Oh, well then shut me up.
Rachel Green: [Rachel smiles] Just tell me how.

"Friends: The One with the Metaphorical Tunnel (#3.4)" (1996)
Janice Litman: Chandler?
Chandler Bing: [trying to be aloof] Hello Janice
Janice Litman: What are you doing here?
Chandler Bing: Shopping, how have you been?
Janice Litman: Are you being British?
Chandler Bing: No, not anymore
Janice Litman: You don't live in the neighborhood, were you waiting for me?
Chandler Bing: Ya huh I'm just picking up some things for a party
Janice Litman: Bali? What kind of a party serves bali?
Chandler Bing: Sorry if my friends aren't as sophisticated as yours
Janice Litman: Where is this party?
Chandler Bing: Right here in Chelsea?
Janice Litman: Who's it for?
Chandler Bing: A woman
Janice Litman: A woman? What's this woman's name?
Chandler Bing: Chelsea?
Janice Litman: One of two things is happening here, either you're seeing another woman which would make you the biggest jerk on the planet or you're pretending to be seeing a woman which is so pathetic it makes me want to cry here in the cereal aisle, which of these guys do you want to be?
[A man walks past]
Chandler Bing: Can I be that guy?