Frank Buffay Jr.
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Frank Buffay Jr. (Character)
from "Friends" (1994)

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"Friends: The One Hundredth (#5.3)" (1998)
[Phoebe is in labor]
Frank Buffay Jr.: Hey. I came as soon as I heard.
Phoebe: Hey. Where's Alice?
Frank Buffay Jr.: Oh, she's in Delaware. But, don't worry, she told me all about the lamazda training.
Chandler: Yes, that would be if you get the babies out by the end of the month, you get 2% financing.

Frank Buffay Jr.: What's with him?
Phoebe: Umm, sympathy pains. I thought it was really sweet at first, but now I think he's just trying to steal my thunder.

Frank Buffay Jr.: Hey, y'know, Alice is gonna be here so soon, you couldn't just like do me a favor and like, like hold them in?
Phoebe: Sorry Frank, I'm kinda in the middle of the last favor you asked me to do.

[Frank was supposed to name one of his sons after Chandler]
Frank Buffay Jr.: Chandler is a girl. Chandler is a girl.
Chandler: Hold on, kindergarten flashback.
Frank Buffay Jr.: No, there was a mistake. It turns out that we missed it on the x-rays, the baby was a girl after all. Chandler is a girl. Chandler is a girl. Chandler is a girl.
Chandler: Oh, please keep screaming that.

"Friends: The One with Frank Jr. (#3.5)" (1996)
Phoebe Buffay: Okay so, by melting, you meant melting.
Frank Buffay Jr.: Yeah
Phoebe Buffay: So is it like art?
Frank Buffay Jr.: Yeah, you can melt art. Hey, can I use your phone?
Phoebe Buffay: Um, yeah sure. Why? You wanna call your Mom?
Frank Buffay Jr.: No, I wanna melt it.
Phoebe Buffay: Oh, well um, not right now. Y'know I'm just gonna go to bed, I think the fumes are giving me a headache.
Frank Buffay Jr.: Yeah!

Frank Buffay Jr.: [watching a documentary] Wow. Big Octopus.

"Friends: The One with the Hypnosis Tape (#3.18)" (1997)
[Joey is trying to make Frank Jr. see sense]
Joey: Think about it... You're 18, she's 44. When you're 36, she's gonna be 88.
Frank Buffay Jr.: You think I don't know that?

"Friends: The One Where Ross Is Fine (#10.2)" (2003)
Frank Buffay Jr.: [looking at his sleeping triplets] I love you so much...
[he strokes Frank Jr. Jr. and he moves slightly]
Frank Buffay Jr.: [quietly] Oh crap! Don't wake up! Don't wake up!