Jill Green
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Jill Green (Character)
from "Friends" (1994)

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"Friends: The One with Rachel's Sister (#6.13)" (2000)
[Jill is wearing a sexy outfit]
Jill Green: So, what do you think?
Rachel: I-I don't like it.
Jill Green: Really?
Rachel: It's kinda slutty.
Jill Green: It's yours.
Rachel: Well, I'm a slut.
Jill Green: Me too.

[Knock at the door - it's Rachel's sister, Jill]
Rachel: Oh my God, Jill.
Jill Green: Oh my God, Rachel.
Chandler: Oh my God, introduce us.

Jill Green: I was so upset when Daddy told me I had to get a job that I went shopping to calm down.
Ross: Uh, Jill; I thought your father took all of his credit cards from you.
Jill Green: Please; I've had those numbers memorized since I was fifteen.

Rachel: Honey what are you doing here?
Phoebe: [to Ross] Which sister is this, the spoiled one or the one that bit her?
Jill Green: Daddy cut me off.
Phoebe: [to Ross] Never mind I got it.
Jill Green: And you know what I said to him? I said, I'm gonna hire a lawyer and I'm gonna sue you and take all your money and then cut *you* off.
Rachel: Wow. What did he say?
Jill Green: He said he wouldn't pay for my lawyer.

Rachel: So what did you do that made Dad cut you off?
Jill Green: Ok, I bought a boat.
Monica Geller: You bought a boat?
Jill Green: Yeah, but it wasn't for me, it was for a friend.
Chandler: Boy, did *we* make friends with the wrong sister.

"Friends: The One Where Chandler Can't Cry (#6.14)" (2000)
Jill Green: [to Ross] And you, I throw myself at you and you still say no? How gay are *you*?

Jill Green: You can't tell me what to do!
Rachel Green: I'm not. I'm telling you what not to do!

Jill Green: You made me doubt my smartness.
Jill Green: You made me doubt my fashion sense!

Ross Geller: Rachel said you're just using me to get back at her...
Jill Green: So?
[starts making out with him]