Dr. Elaina Marks
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Dr. Elaina Marks (Character)
from "The Incredible Hulk" (1978)

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"The Incredible Hulk: The Incredible Hulk (#1.1)" (1977)
Dr. David Banner: [turns to Elaina in agitation]
Dr. David Banner: When the metamorphosis happens, I don't have any control over it; I don't even know what it DOES! I could have killed you.
Dr. David Banner: [gives a start of horror]
Dr. David Banner: Maybe that's why I was wounded. Maybe I tried to kill somebody last night - maybe I DID kill somebody.
Dr. Elaina Marks: Listen to me! David Banner is NOT a killer.
Dr. David Banner: We're not talking about David Banner.
Dr. Elaina Marks: Yes, we ARE!

Dr. David Banner: You know, my mother always used to tell me, "Getting angry doesn't help."
Dr. Elaina Marks: I always liked your mother.
Dr. David Banner: She always liked YOU.

Dr. David Banner: Do you think we will ever find where that strength comes from?
Dr. Elaina Marks: I don't know. But we'll certainly share a lot of donuts together, and I'll probably get fat.

Dr. Elaina Marks: One tiny portion of a living cell. Well, I tell ya, as many times as I've seen it, it still facinates me that it would take over a half a million of those to cover the head of a pin.
Dr. David Banner: Well enjoy the view, it's all we've got.

Dr. Elaina Marks: David?
Dr. David Banner: [wincing in pain] Yeah?
Dr. Elaina Marks: When did you say you were shot?
Dr. David Banner: I don't know, sometime early this morning.
Dr. Elaina Marks: Well I'll tell you, this wound looks like it's been healing for a few days.
Dr. David Banner: I know.

Dr. Elaina Marks: David, try to remember...
Dr. David Banner: I, ah, I remember... feeling incredibly strong... it was me... and it wasn't me.

Dr. David Banner: [recreating the conditions of his first Hulk-out] Hey wait a minute, last night was an electrical storm!
Dr. Elaina Marks: Oh brother, you really do have a Ben Franklin complex, don't you?

Jack McGee: [holding a footprint of the Hulk] There's a girl and her father over at the lake who say that they saw the thing that made this.
Dr. Elaina Marks: Did they? Well what was it, Bigfoot?
Jack McGee: Sounds more like the Jolly Green Giant. Only I wouldn't call him too jolly. Big hulk, about seven feet tall. Greenish tinge to the skin. Pretty mean looking.

Dr. Elaina Marks: [to David] Hey, do us both a favor, don't get mad, huh?

Dr. Elaina Marks: Oh God, my poor David...
Dr. Elaina Marks: [touches the Hulk's face] Who will take care of you now?

Dr. David Banner: - it's the same story, over and over again...
[slams notebook in rage]
Dr. David Banner: - but WHAT is the common DENOMINATOR?
Dr. Elaina Marks: David, believe me, if I knew the answer, I'd tell you.

Dr. Elaina Marks: We'll keep on searching until we find out how to make you normal again.
Dr. David Banner: I suggest that we get our research materials together, and move to safer quarters.
Dr. Elaina Marks: Where?
Dr. David Banner: I don't know... we'll think of a place.
Dr. Elaina Marks: ...keep on searching...
Dr. David Banner: We'll think of a place.

Dr. Elaina Marks: I always liked your mother.
Dr. David Banner: She always liked you.